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May 31, 2011

5-Star Hotel Management Careers

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5-Star Hotel Management Careers

Article by Paul D. Rosevear

What is it that is so special about the coveted “5 Star” rating when it comes to hotels? Is it the location? The service? The room decor? The in-house retail? People with successful hotel management careers combine all of these elements to give patrons an experience they’ll not only return for again and again, but will tell their friends about as well. But a career in hotel management isn’t just about your talent making customers feel satisfied — hotel management careers are also about practical, hands-on knowledge.

Hotel management careers aren’t just making decisions about how the hotel should be run — it means overseeing the daily inner workings of the establishment. Whether that’s connecting with your chefs to make sure they have the supplies they need, reminding the maid service of the details that make all the difference in a thorough room cleaning, or advising the front desk staff of how to handle themselves under pressure, within hotel management careers, your passion for the industry and your real world know-how will constantly be called into action.

Do you have the ability to make important decisions and stick by them? Hotel management careers demand such leadership qualities. The same type of gusto that a corporate CEO brings into a boardroom meeting is required for hotel management careers on a day-to-day basis — except it’s like running 25 boardroom meetings all at once. Intimidating to some, but exciting to others. Think you’ve got what it takes to break into hotel management careers? If so, that’s a great start to lucrative hotel management careers.

Whether it is a high profile hotel, a glamorous resort, or a quaint roadside place to stay, those in hotel management careers play a vital role — the reputation of the establishment rests of his or her shoulders. Plus, the service industry is the biggest industry in the United States today, and garners more attention and customers than any other business in the country. This excitement is all waiting for you with the start of your career in hotel management. The first step begins with acquiring the knowledge you need to be competitive within hotel management careers. Find a career in hotel management by locating a hotel management program that suits you.

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Actuarial Jobs On

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Actuarial Jobs Applies knowledge of mathematics, probability, statistics, principles of finance and business to problems in life, health, social, and casualty insurance, annuities, and pensions:

Determines mortality, accident, sickness, disability, and retirement rates;
Constructs probability tables regarding fire, natural disasters, and unemployment, based on analysis of statistical data and other pertinent information.
Designs or reviews insurance and pension plans and calculates premiums.
Ascertains premium rates required and cash reserves and liabilities necessary to ensure payment of future benefits.
Determines equitable basis for distributing surplus earnings under participating insurance and annuity contracts in mutual companies.
May specialize in one type of insurance and be designated Actuary, Casualty; Actuary, Life.
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Companion Animal Careers: Overview

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Take a look at careers available with companion animals including a veterinarian, zoo, pet food company, humane society, and more.

From the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Companion Animal Careers Podcast Series.
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The Engineering Career Field – Trends And Possibilities

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The Engineering Career Field – Trends And Possibilities


Among the changes in the economy, Civil Engineering has been hit pretty hard while Environmental Engineers are seeing a positive outlook.

Career trends are influenced by many factors including our environment, social evolution and our economy. Although our economic recession has had a dramatic impact over the past 2 years resulting in unprecedented job losses, it is a temporary influence as many of the hardest hit occupations, architecture and engineering are expected not only to recover but forecasts show continued growth through 2018.

This is not the case for production supervisors and managers where the decline in employment, experienced over the past ten years is expected to continue into 2018 as North American manufacturers struggle to survive moving their production overseas to cut labor costs. Environmental concerns combined with new legislation have provided a wealth of “green jobs” hence putting the Environmental Engineer in a favorable position.

On a positive note, the National Science Foundation documents a three-decade boom in the U.S. engineering workforce.

How has the engineering field changed over the last 30 years? A demographic snapshot of the engineering workforce reveals the following:

* There are two- to three-times as many engineers;

* Younger engineers have more and higher engineering degrees than ever before;

* Electrical engineering has replaced mechanical engineering as the predominant field while software engineering is growing rapidly;

* As Aerospace engineering makes its changes, the industry trend is newer designs with gradual elimination of old mechanical technology.  So Electrical Engineers will have more of an opportunity here;

* Design has replaced development as engineers’ primary job

How to survive in the Engineering Career Field with the changes in the world and economy:

One of the key factors is recognizing that your education must be continuous.  You must keep up on the latest trends in your field. Do you know the people who excel and get promoted because of their accomplishments?  You can read about them in business journals and the Internet.  You are the catalyst for your future career opportunities.  Don’t let others place limits on what you accomplish.  Stay connected with teachers and professionals who were researching the latest trends in your field. Of the many careers to consider some researchers suggest that among the top careers to consider is engineering.  The opportunities in career fields of engineering will continue to grow at a steady pace into the future.

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Oil, Jobs and English

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Start A Career In Nutrition And Start Helping Others

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Start A Career In Nutrition And Start Helping Others

Article by Natasha Bright


When we’re born into this world, the only thing we have is ourselves, literally. Taking good care of the body that we have is important, because it’s the only one we get in the journey we call life. Fortunately, you can learn the very best ways to take care of yourself by earning a college degree in nutrition.

If you’re wondering what a nutritionist does, you’re probably not the only one. Just take a minute and think about all the information you know about food and what it does to your body. You’re surrounded by factoids on a regular basis – you know whole grains are good for you, and that you need a certain amount of protein. The people who provide you with information like that are nutritionists.

Understanding the link between what you put into your body and how it affects you physically and medically is becoming increasingly important. Individuals aren’t the only ones concerned with what goes into your body, though – schools, governments, companies and restaurants have to take into consideration the effect of their products on the population. Nutritionists help all of these entities draft new and better ways to take care of ourselves through food.

Good nutrition can stave off a number of very serious health concerns. America is seeing increased numbers of health issues all directly related to poor or uninformed choices about food. The longer people go without knowledge about what their body needs to perform well, the higher the numbers for health issues are going to go. We need more nutritionists to help keep the population informed.

Obesity is one of the number-one food-related epidemics hitting America, and one of the largest groups of people it has affected is children. Diabetes is a life-long disease that will significantly affect the way you live on a regular basis – and is also often related to an extremely sugary diet. Finally, heart disease is affected and increased by what we put into our bodies – and the engine that pumps our entire body can shut down if you’re putting the wrong food in! Nutritionists can provide the information needed to correct or completely eradicate these medical issues simply by helping people choose the right foods to eat.

Usually, nutritionists go to college and earn a Bachelor’s degree, which is a generally a four-year degree. Earning a degree isn’t the last step, however – many states require some level of licensing to be attained before you can practice as a nutritionist. While you’re in school, you’ll study topics like food and nutrition, food service management and dietetics in order to be a well rounded graduate.

After graduation and licensing, nutritionists may find work with individuals as health care counselors or even working with groups of people to design institutional nutritional programs. While working, nutritionists earn above-average income with a median annual income of ,030. Job prospects are expected to increase by 9 percent within less than a decade, so the opportunities exist for graduates.

About the Author

The fact is that nutritionists can make a serious difference here in America because the problems related to diet are running so out of control. Earning a degree from traditional or online schools means you can help share information with others who may not encounter it otherwise – thereby actually acting as a lifesaver. If you haven’t already, register for online nutrition class today and put yourself just one step closer to being a qualified nutritionist. Get a better understaning for this career from



The best ways to go about finding nursing home jobs

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The best ways to go about finding nursing home jobs


Working in a nursing home can be a stressful, tiring but ultimately rewarding experience. That’s because nurses and care givers generally have to work long hours with people who may be unable to perform everyday tasks in an intimate capacity. But despite the drawbacks, the majority of nurses and care assistants find that their position allows them to help people in a significant way, particularly the elderly, terminally ill and those with physical and learning difficulties. If you’d like to work in a nursing home, here are a few tips on how to find the right position.

For most people, the first obvious place to look for nursing home jobs is the internet. The huge developments in technology and improvements in both internet access rates and speeds have meant that the web is now the most popular way for people to find jobs in any sector. The health care industry is no exception, with both the NHS and private hospitals and nursing homes operating databases advertising jobs across the country.

But it’s important not to restrict your job search to these databases. There are other websites, not affiliated to a particular hospital or organisation, that advertise nursing and care home jobs in a particular area. Some newspapers and magazines will also run job finding sites that specifically concentrate on vacancies in social care. Health care forums may be another point of access, as you may discover desirable vacancies through comment threads or online discussions. Even a simple Google search for your specific job requirements – for example, “private nursing home jobs Manchester” – could yield valuable results.

The internet, then, is a crucial source of information for, nursing home jobs in the UK. However, don’t underestimate the power of seeking your position face-to-face either. If you live near a nursing home, or you’ve visited one in which you’d like to work, talk to them directly. Ask if they have any positions available and how to go about applying for one. And if there are no vacancies available at that particular moment, ask if you can leave your name or your CV for consideration when future jobs arise. Landing a job in a nursing home may depend as much on your personality as your skills and experience, so actually meeting your potential employers may make you a more memorable candidate.

It’s also worth considering volunteering in a nursing home on a part-time basis if you can’t find a paid position. This way, you’ll gain some indispensable experience and skills so when the right vacancy does arise, you’ll be well-qualified when you apply for it. Volunteering may also provide you with valuable insight into what being a nurse or care giver entails, so you can decide whether or not you’re ideally suited to a long-term career in a nursing home.

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