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December 15, 2011

Mistakes That Could Derail Your Job Search

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Eight Mistakes That Could Derail Your Job Search


  Job Search Don’t

Try This Instead

Network solely when you’re looking for a job Use tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter regularly to keep in touch with professional contacts. Maintain an up-to-date profile on these sites, and be active with industry associations and events.
Wait until a position is advertised to apply Scour local print and online publications and follow company social media feeds to find out which businesses are growing and may be hiring. When you see organizations that interest you, contact them proactively to learn of potential job openings.
Limit yourself to full-time employment opportunities Consider temporary work. Interim assignments provide a source of income as well as a chance to network and build new skills. They also can lead to full-time job offers.
Use a standard resume template Create personally “branded” application materials that speak to your particular strengths. A simple but eye-catching format can attract an employer’s attention.
Rule out all “old-school” application methods Sending your resume and cover letter on high-quality paper via the post office may seem outdated, but people receive so little mail today that your hard-copy materials could pay off.
Assume they’re not interested Follow up via email or by phone within two weeks of submitting your resume. Reassert your interest in the position and explain how your skills can benefit the company.
Speak only in general terms or give “canned” responses during the interview Be prepared to share anecdotes that showcase your skills, personality and how your contributions have impacted the bottom line.
Write a hum-drum thank-you message Recap the qualities that make you a fit for the role and express your enthusiasm for the opportunity. Email is acceptable, but a handwritten note can be more impressive.
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December 13, 2011

Career in Finance

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Discover a Career in Finance

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December 6, 2011

Educational options for pursuing a career in psychology

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Psychology degree programs – Educational options for pursuing a career in psychology

Article by Adrian Alexa


Psychology degree programs could provide you the occasion to initiate a career in psychology, getting a job in the preferred section – industrial psychologist, psychoanalyst, child psychologist, experimental psychologist, behavioral and cognitive behavioral psychologist and many other different professional fields, linked to the psychology degree programs you decide on.

After finalizing one or more psychology degree programs you obtain numerous job opportunities, you can enter the business world, work for private psychology praxis or open one of your own. If you are concerned with discovering the way human mind works, fascinated by the human cognitive, emotional and developmental potential and pathologies, then you could select from a selection of Psychology degree programs that can help you achieve personal and professional achievement.

A Bachelor degree obtained through finalizing a Psychology degree programs will offer you the qualification you require for an entry-level occupation. You can decide on two-year Associate’s degree granted by a number of junior colleges, but if you are considering a Bachelor of Art, it will take you four years to complete, gathering up more information concerning the most important theories, their originators, the history of the discipline and its applications, along with different approaches to psychology.

However, for a successful career further education will be required for better positions you can obtain through the advanced psychology degree programs. After getting a Bachelor of Arts degree from one of the accredited psychology degree programs, you can attend a Master of Arts in psychology, a two year program which, if you don’t want to continue up to the doctoral level, will qualify you to be employed as a psychology assistant or therapist in a special education service.

If you opt for, however, to continue your studies and pursue the highest credential psychology degree programs offer, the doctoral level will make you eligible for the highest levels within the field of psychology and the most advanced stage of career. There is a difference between a Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy. D.) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (Ph.D), as Ph.D is built on investigation.

Both degrees will make you eligible for clinical career jobs, but if you plan to concentrate on offering treatment to patients by means of a range of types of psychological therapy, rigorous investigation is not necessarily compulsory as for the PhD, a PsyD will suffice. A doctoral level degree always requires fives years to finalize, or even more, depending on the accredited psychology degree programs you decide on.

In the majority of states, to practice psychology you require a master’s or a doctoral qualification, in addition to the certification from the state in which you practice, and you can provide your services within various industries, such as health care, education, business, private practice counseling, commerce, banking etc., as almost every domain is looking for job candidates with a degree in psychology. The improvements in all facets of the educational field has determined a great expansion and now there are many psychology degree programs, qualifying you for a wide range of promising positions in the field of psychology, meant to match the expectations and options of almost everyone.

You can apply for for psychology degree programs for any educational level you wish at every college or university offering such specialization; if your schedule allows you to, you can choose a traditional sort of education, on campus, or for the online approach, as both of them are accredited and recognized on the labor market.

I love psychology career.