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August 25, 2012

Exit Interview

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Five Tips For Your Exit Interview



Exit interviews are sometimes held at inopportune times, especially from the viewpoint of the employee when he or she is either laid off or fired. Nevertheless, they are a must for progressive companies that want to look inward for reasons for an employee’s exit.

There are different viewpoints about these interviews as to the need for them in the first place. Should the exiting employee participate in it? If yes, how will it benefit him or her? Secondly, an exiting employee can hardly afford to ignore the fact that his or her revelations can be used against them, especially if they are in writing.

Participating In the Exit Interview Is Your Prerogative

When you are faced with the interview, you need to think carefully about what you are going to say or write, as it can jeopardize any possibility of your re-employability, if there is any. Even if you are assured that your comments will not be used against you but for company analysis, you should still be diplomatic.

Five Tips To Help You Confidently Face The Exit Interview

On the surface, exit interviews serve to help organizations to correct themselves by collecting information such as possible discrimination, lack of opportunities, etc. So, picking up the motivation behind the exit interview will help you to know how to approach one.

1.Attending Is A Courtesy: On your part, attending the exit interview is usually not mandatory. Even though you are not going to gain anything from it, you must make sure that the interview is not being used against you. If at any time you suspect this is the case, simply excuse yourself.

2.Maintain Your Composure: Maintaining your composure is critical. The questions may appear trivial, although this may not be the case when you are being laid off or fired. Treat this as your chance to make them think again (and perhaps be sorry) for having fired you.

3.Do Not Sign Papers Hastily: There will probably be more than a few documents that will need to be signed, such as acknowledgement of your resignation or separation, and receipt of your final paycheck. But if you are asked to sign anything questionable, ask for time to review them, and to read and understand the contents. Ask whether it is mandatory. Any organization can always wait for a few more days.

4.Return Any Company Property: This could be documents, keys etc, but list all of them on paper and get the interviewer to acknowledge receipt of these things.

5.Commenting On Superiors And Colleagues: Typically, these interviews are well structured and come down to the core issues. Remember, it is unnecessary for you to comment on someone (negatively) who you are not going to see for much longer.

Remember that the exit interview is probably not mandatory. If you don’t have time, or feel uncomfortable about the company’s motives, just politely decline the invitation to attend.

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August 22, 2012

Online Employment Guide

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You Just Might Benefit From Taking a Look at an Online Employment Guide


Those who have been searching for a job without much luck just might benefit from taking a look at an online employment guide. This useful resource can help you locate jobs in the immediate area as well as in any other area of the country. An online employment guide is also packed with information including helpful tips and advice for landing the position you want. Online employment guides allow individuals to create their profile, post their resume and browse through numerous helpful articles. Because it is an online venue, it provides a place for those seeking employment to network, offering each other first hand advice on a number of topics.

A Diversity of Online Employment Guides to Cater for Your Job Search Needs

When opting to use an online employment guide, individuals have the choice to use one of the larger, well known websites or a smaller venue. Often, cities or counties will create their own employment guides, allowing individuals to concentrate their search on the immediate or neighboring areas. However, larger websites may offer more features and more activity. Others simply prefer the better localized knowledge of smaller websites. Larger websites are also a good choice for those seeking employment in other countries. Career centers found both locally or on a college campus may also offer their own employment guides for those who use their services.

Online Employment Guides Offer a Wide Range of Services

An online employment guide can offer not only job listings but newsletters, salary guides according to state, links for online education programs, skill assessments and even relocation services. As a vocational resource, these sites are meant to be full of information helpful to those in every level of employment, from finding a job to planning a retirement. Along with a number of other high tech features, some sites even offer blogs that give an insider’s view on the current job market. The informal voice of a blog is a welcome change to jobseekers that are constantly surrounded by proper job interview skills and other forms of decorum.

Helpful Advice For the Self Employed and Information on Work at Home Opportunities

An online employment guide can also offer helpful advice for the self employed. As more and more individuals leave the job search to work for themselves, the need for information on the subject has greatly increased. The self employed worker needs a place where he or she can network with other and get their own tips and advice. Many employment guides may also offer information on work at home opportunities. Whether looking for a hands on job or computer related vocation, one will be able to find information on a number of home based careers.


More and more employees and employers are using the internet for their employment needs. All the information you need is at your fingertips at no cost and it is always up-to-date. It makes sense to visit an online employment guide.

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