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October 26, 2013

Winning Job Acceptance Letter

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Writing a Winning Job Acceptance Letter

Your job hunting comes to an end when you are asked to submit a job acceptance letter. Although it is not necessary, giving an acceptance letter shows respect and courtesy for the company. There are different sample job acceptance letters available online and selecting the appropriate one is easy once you know where to find them.
There are several types of job acceptance letters. Basically, this type of letter is submitted to show your professionalism and respect to your new employer. Though you are already taken, it is still important to give a good picture to your new boss and to let the company know you are serious about performing a good job.

Searching Job Acceptance Letter

When searching for a letter, there are five things to consider aside from the professionalism of the letter. Any sample you find online should be a guide to writing the best letter possible, not something to just be copied and pasted. Writing an original letter is essential to success, you can’t just use someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. Here are the five things to consider when choosing and writing a letter.

· Positive Content. A letter comprises positive statements and is direct to the point. Same with a sample cover letter, a sample job acceptance letter is brief but direct. Be cognizant that it does not mean that your new employer will spend more time reading your letter only because he or she hired you.

· Job Title. Job acceptance letters always stress the job title or position you are employed for. Basically, these letters state the job title while giving thanks to the employer for the offer. Technically, the thank you paragraph should be the first paragraph of the letter which is different from the cover letter you included with your resume.

· Formal Job Acceptance. The purpose of this letter is to formally accept the job you have been offered and by writing the letter you state this formally instead of verbally accepting the position.

· Terms and Condition. Your letter should include the terms and conditions of employment. A good letter contains language related to the salary, benefits, starting date and working hours. This will simplify things between you and the employer. Hence, it is crucial that your sample job acceptance letter has guideline on the terms and conditions.

· Highlighted Appreciation. Upon taking your job, it is wise to state your appreciation and exuberance. This will give a good feeling and will show your dedication to work enthusiastically for their company. The letter states that you are ready to contribute to the company so be sure to use language to convey the most enthusiasm possible.

Making a job acceptance letter is a great way to formally accept a job extended to you. It shows respect to your future employer so you should make this letter every time you accept a job. Be as confident as possible in writing this letter and use these great tips to create the best job acceptance letter.

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