5 Jobs For Animal Lovers

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March 1, 2014

5 Jobs For Animal Lovers

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If you love animals, here are five jobs you should consider.
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10 Responses to “5 Jobs For Animal Lovers”

  1. Chris Bravey Says:

    Good job ideas

  2. MeanAries1 Says:


  3. GreekMythification Says:

    im used to dog poop

  4. TheFunnysamnoob333 Says:

    I dont mind scooping up dog poop with spikey hair.

  5. Mellisa Freddyman Says:

    Oh great. And what if I’m scared of dogs? Huh??

  6. Eva Pleska Says:

    IS THT ME OR THT IS A BEAUCERON?!! (french sheperd dawg… i hv one!!) 😀

  7. Kenza Merah Says:

    his name is Stacy? pff hehehee ok sorry, i didnt mean to be rude. i never
    knew a “dog walker” can be an actual job. i’v always though kids and teen
    do it for extra money, but i didn’t hink it could pay the bills. this just
    shows how many people (sadly, including me) are so ignorant about the
    different animal careers… its like this: you like animals? be a vet ! so
    shallow minded….

  8. wldeanml Says:

    Wanna better job? Look better

  9. jim dandy Says:

    animal lover, or dog lover? Stacey.

  10. Deca Donnelly Says:

    Shouldnt this be 5 jobs for dog lovers?

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