A Breakdown of the Various Engineering Jobs Available

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May 11, 2011

A Breakdown of the Various Engineering Jobs Available

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A Breakdown of the Various Engineering Jobs Available

Engineering recruitment and engineering careers in general are split into a bewildering array of different subsections.  How can one consider a software engineer to be performing the same type of jobs as a transport planning engineer?  Although these two jobs are quite different, both of the workers choose to attack their tasks using rigorous scientific methods.  An engineer is one who examines processes, and creates things for the better of our world in the most effective manner.

Engineering jobs are commonly broken down into four main branches.  These are electrical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering.  We will look at each of these in turn, but it is wise to note that a job in engineering commonly includes working within a number of disciplines.  Granted, there are many engineers who specialize in a highly specific industry niche, but there are just as many engineers who gravitate through a number of disciplines over the course of their career.

Chemical engineering careers will see the engineer use materials and chemicals in certain ways to help us in the world, for example making them more durable or flexible.  Within this discipline there are an array of subsections such as material engineering jobs, chemical process engineering jobs and molecular engineering jobs, and these all have their own specialties.

Civil engineering jobs cope with the big stuff – design and construction of major infrastructure, mining, structures and transport.  It is within this discipline that engineers are most concerned with our natural environment.

Electrical engineers are concerned with the science of electricity and how it can be used to better our lives.  This has become increasingly important over the past century.  Electrical engineering has therefore morphed into a number of disciplines such as electronic engineering and computer engineering.  In its strictest form electrical engineers are still only interested in the physical side of computers and electronics, rather than software processes.

Finally, mechanical engineering encompasses vehicle design and machines with moving parts.  Mechanical engineers design and build machines that move and transport that takes us across the country.

There are also engineering jobs that don’t fall neatly into the four main engineering disciplines.  Industrial engineering jobs, for example, include the design of logistics and the movement of resources in industry.  On the other hand, a job in mechatronics such as instrumentation engineering will see the engineer use a hybrid of skills from both electrical and mechanical engineering.

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