A Career in Nursing

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May 26, 2012

A Career in Nursing

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A Career in Nursing may lead to Great Things


A career as a nurse can be very rewarding. It takes a special brand of person, either man or woman, to pursue a nursing career. Like any other career, it can be demanding and tiring but being able to help a patient through hospital care or rehabilitation or even to meet their maker, is a special part of the job and it takes a special kind of person to fill that role. It is practically the law that nurses like to work with and be around people. That is what nursing is all about – the people. If you are not a people person, consider a field of nursing that does not require regular interaction with people or choose an entirely different career.

To have a successful career in nursing, takes effort and dedication. It requires constant education to keep up with all the new medical technologies that come out every year. As advances in medicine are made, people are living longer, developing new diseases that were unknown at one time and requiring more intense medical care as the aging process takes over.

Nurses are sometimes at the fore front of implementing new and improved medical technologies and treatments. They get the very first, first hand glance at new surgical procedures or medication therapies. They may be the first to test drive a new piece of medical equipment or be the only one that knew how to repair a piece of medical machinery because they were the only one paying attention in orientation class that day.

Sometimes a career in nursing may be a second calling

Someone who has cared for an aged or ill parent or family member may discover by having that chance nursing was more to their liking than their original career plans. A career in nursing may be seen as the answer to a speed bump in life where an individual isn’t feeling as fulfilled as they once did doing what they were doing. Looking for a new and exciting challenge might lead them to the exciting and ever changing world of nursing. I know two people who after taking care of an ill parent decided to go to nursing school. Both graduated four year nursing programs, each receiving a Bachelor of Science degree and passing the required registration exams. Both worked as a staff nurse at local hospitals. One eventually went to work for an insurance company evaluating medical claims and the other went on to receive a masters degree in nursing then obtaining teaching credentials and is now teaching at a local nursing school. A second career in nursing is possible, no matter what your age.

A nursing career can take you almost anywhere you want to go. Being a travel nurse will take you to other parts of the country or allow you to see other parts of the world. It will present challenges you might not see working anywhere else. Travel nurse might afford you the opportunity to bring new and much needed medical frontiers to areas and people who may be suffering because of the lack of proper medical care. A career in nursing may allow you to save a little piece of the world.

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