A Career in Oil and & Gas – Recruitment Tips

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May 30, 2011

A Career in Oil and & Gas – Recruitment Tips

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A Career in Oil and & Gas – Recruitment Tips


So you are one of those who love the adventure and risks of working in an arena that most people don’t usually venture into? Well, renewable energy jobs can be a great change in the right path, as oil and gas recruitment rates have been far higher than it had been in the recent past. And as far as remuneration goes, the oil and gas industry is one of the bets places you can be at present – for neither has it been overtly affected by the recession, nor has it been marred by the recent geo-political concussions.

However, making a career change to this arena of work can be a hasty decision for many. Unless you are ready to acquaint yourself with the industry and know of the undercurrents and the financial issues that influence the industry – you are but a sitting duck for most of the time.

Oil and gas jobs, to many jobseekers worldwide, can be focused only on the Middle East – as most of the oil industry concentration is here. However, as the infamous BP oil spill showed, oil and gas jobs are present elsewhere around the globe as well. And if you intend to partake in a career such as this, you would need some tips to make it up the rungs of corporate success.

Here are some basic notes to follow:

•    A Multi-faceted Arena – The oil and gas jobs are a multi-faceted arena. Not all is “drill” and “work till you drop”, but if you are not of the managerial level – you may as well start from there. And if you do, make sure that your physical structure as well as mental strength has a reputation to fear, for otherwise working in the oil rigs offshore and in the sun can cause enough damage to wean off the charm.

•    Stretches at Sea – Renewable energy jobs may make you feel good about helping the world out, but it won’t really make you feel at home. Long stretches out on the oil rig and away form home may mean bouts of depression and sickness. Even though rigs today are far more sophisticated and safe, they are still taxing for the average-minded, average-bodied individuals.

•    Management Skills – The ones that can make others work to their optimal best and bring out the best results are the ones fit for the managerial jobs at the oil and jobs industry. For unless you are good with your leadership skills, making a head start on the corporate ladder is near impossible.

•    Safety Regulations – Working in the oil and gas recruitment sectors can be really tough. Adhering to the safety regulations to the T is one of the best policies to stay unharmed and well on the rigs. This is why training for even the most veteran of workers is imperative to stay safe on a rig.

One must remember that oil and gas jobs are as rewarding as they can be exhausting on yourself. Hence, noting only the cons and staying away from this section of renewable energy jobs can be a foolhardy point – if you do want to get rich by laboring hard that is!

George Helms has been an expert in the field of oil and gas job recruitment, and has a steady focus on the renewable energy jobs segment, with tips for those aspiring for oil and gas jobs.


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