A High Caliber Executive Resume Should Ensure Recruiter’s Undivided Attention

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July 10, 2011

A High Caliber Executive Resume Should Ensure Recruiter’s Undivided Attention

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A High Caliber Executive Resume Should Ensure Recruiter’s Undivided Attention


Resumes have to gain the recruiters attention and impress them if they are to achieve the intended purpose of getting the applicant selected to the next round. Depending on the job being applied to or the applicant’s background, the appropriate resume style will vary and the writer must realize and be aware of this. The higher the position applied for, the more competitive will be the vying for the top notch jobs be. This is why your executive resume should be power packed and be able to gain the undivided attention of the recruiter. If not, the chances of obtaining that certain position will be rather slim.

Requirements of an Executive Resume

An executive resume is written when applying for a job in the executive level. The main feature which sets this resume apart from all other types is the length. The resume written for executive positions will be approximately two to three pages long. As a result applicants have more room to include their accomplishments in detail. This additional space should be fully utilized in to highlighting the skills and achievements which directly match with the position being applied for.  

Writing the Resume

As the executive resume has more details than the standard resume applicants should have a basic understanding of the format. As the goal of the resume is different than the standard resume, applicants should write differently as well. As employers are not only hiring on the basis of the applicant’s skills but also assessing the personal traits, interpersonal skills and communicational flare, these should be highlighted to gain the attention of the prospective employer. An effective resume will highlight all the accomplishments to date the skills as well as the personality of the applicant and do this in a moderate but confident tone so that the message is neither over imposing nor lame.

Key Element of the Executive Resume

As employers look for skills rather than goals in this type of resume, applicants should not waste a lot of time on their job objectives and qualification summary. Although these things are required, applicants should provide the “executive profile”. Although it is somewhat similar to the qualifications section in a standard resume, the “executive profile” will have to be written with great emphasis. The profile should indicate at a glance, the applicant’s value to the company in an executive position. Bear in mind that not all individuals are geared to be managers and hold managerial responsibilities. Some are born followers. Therefore an executive resume should showcase the managerial and leadership qualities in the applicants which can eventually get them selected.

Writing a resume should be done professionally and applicants should not take the risk of being rejected if they do not know how to write their resumes properly. Seeking help of professional resume writing services is one option available while gaining a good knowledge of how to write effective resumes is another. The later can be a difficult task unless you have a flare for writing since merely getting educated on resume writing can not guarantee a good resume. Since no one is concerned as to who wrote your resume but how it is written and what it conveys, choosing professional help can be a wise choice for an executive resume on which much stakes are riding.

Writing a high quality Executive Resume is your ticket to a top notched white color executive position. Getting a high caliber Resume is therefore a prerequisite if you intend to land the job. It is rather a wise decision to get it written by a professional resume writing service as the one which the author is one of the premium resume writers of executive resume.

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