Acceptance Letter from University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

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May 5, 2011

Acceptance Letter from University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

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Leah (princessleah7x) gets her acceptance letter from the admissions office at UTC. She’s VERY excited about the decision.

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13 Responses to “Acceptance Letter from University of Tennessee-Chattanooga”

  1. zcarver25 Says:

    fuck yes go mocks

  2. scenesonn Says:

    @geoffybellofiore I don’t think admissions rate is the stat most indicative of a college’s academic standing. I’d say it’s in conjunction with other indicators including freshman profiles vs. average applicant (grades and test scores.)

    Plenty of HBCU’s have very low admissions rates, but also have a weak freshman class in terms of test scores. On the other hand, a few top liberal arts colleges have acceptance rates hovering around 60% are competitive with ivy leagues in terms of SAT scores.

  3. wednos Says:

    u-g-l-y, you aint got to alibi, you ugly

  4. thesassycynic Says:

    @AgainstRise How would you know? Did you go there?

  5. Mrgamer4 Says:

    utc blows lol

  6. giantsfan729 Says:


  7. Divigen Says:


    you will do well.

  8. geoffybellofiore Says:

    uhhhh so what? That college has an admissions rate of what? 50+%??? LOL. Get into Harvard b4 you post these things

  9. AgainstRise Says:

    lmao. it’s a shitty college.

  10. jclyon41 Says:

    I had completely forgotten that you recorded that whole exchange when I gave you the letter!

  11. lanibutterfly Says:


  12. dragonbishop7 Says:

    jeez. what a dick. congrats

  13. BobbyBatronic Says:

    Who cares. All your going to do is go to college and probably wind up dropping out or youll graduate and still wind up working at some dead end job that has no future and youll be in huge debt from your college loans. Good Luck on your shitty future:)

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