Army Careers 68W – Combat Medic

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January 19, 2014

Army Careers 68W – Combat Medic

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If you’re thinking about the Medical Field, this Army career can help you get experience as well as let you earn money for college.
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25 Responses to “Army Careers 68W – Combat Medic”

  1. thecoolestloser youknow Says:

    during the time American combat medics in Europe usually didn’t carry a

  2. thebatterwitch87 Says:

    God I so badly want to become one.

  3. ElegantSkies Says:

    What? o.e

  4. Sh1pWrecker Says:

    @Slumbonia Why are you going airborne? Will you be trying out for RASP?

  5. WhtMgc Says:


  6. snackpackhead Says:

    typo… 68w with an airborne option

  7. Nency Fuentes Says:

    Can women do this?

  8. Michael Sides Says:


  9. SSGPops Says:

    Ok, that’s better because those people in the mental health are usually the
    most emotionally unstable people you’ll ever meet. Fortunately I never
    needed them, but I hope I never do, because their sanity is questionable.

  10. tppocolocoz Says:

    Benning on the 18th then onto ft. sam!

  11. 03cobrafan1 Says:

    I’m about to leave for basic training and I’m going in as a combat medic
    but I’m already a nremt does that mean I’ve already graduated?

  12. Preperinthesouth Says:

    I’m thinking of being a army medic what’s the steps I have to take to join?

  13. Patrick Thibeault Says:

    I was a paratrooper and a medic. I love your page man.

  14. sniperfire95 Says:

    July 1st, 2013

  15. Daniel Swann Says:

    Can I got to airborne school as a 68w? If so what are my chances of getting
    put in the 82nd.

  16. David Kim Says:

    you guys will also be trained to delegate tasks to the Navy.

  17. sentrygunner Says:

    talk to your recruiter

  18. Nicholaus Williams Says:

    you do learn the basics. At your unit, they take you as far as they want
    you to go.

  19. Huehuehue Says:

    68WW1 thats what i want to be. =3

  20. UsernameofBoang Says:

    1:54 It’s Mr. G! Awesome instructor.

  21. futuredoc17 Says:


  22. James Edwardson Says:

    True dat. After 5 years of being a real medic, I went ENT, biggest mistake

  23. Tynikka Smith Says:

    omg me too !!!! how old r u ?

  24. HK Tsan Says:

    In World war2, medic don,t get gun in combat….i think that better…

  25. snackpackhead Says:

    just joined yesterday as a 60 whiskey

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