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February 22, 2014

Career Advice – Finance and Investment Banking

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Rick Sopher, Managing Director of LCF Rothschild Asset Management, shares his advice on how best to achieve a successful finance career. Those looking to sta…

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22 Responses to “Career Advice – Finance and Investment Banking”

  1. OnlyMediaJobs Says:

    Listen to Rick Sopher’s advice about gaining experience in financing and
    why it is a great career to explore. Shared with you by #london #londonjobs #uk

  2. frozenscout2 Says:

    Inspiring video =]

  3. Peki90 Says:

    my god, what an asshole.

  4. WeRunBrands Says:

    Wow I love this our Shareholders mission is to have the highest paid senior
    management in the market

  5. coinoperatedgirl90 Says:

    me too. except im 20.

  6. InstTaxSolutionsLLC Says:

    The world has grown smaller, and finance is certainly a field that exhibits
    this in nearly every respect.

  7. PerfectTre Says:

    Thank you for your words. I’m almost 20 now and i’m JUST now trying to
    figure out what to do with my life, all i can do is think about my future
    at this point. I’ll do whatever it takes.

  8. ZodiaMC Says:


  9. Axiom1Space Says:

    Thanks for the video – excellent advice. I’m a 2nd yr finance major, and
    it’s time for me to start thinking about things like this. cheers.

  10. InnovateCV Says:

    @londonpie72 Best of luck wit the jobsearch – Keep us updated! All the best
    from the team here at Innovate CV.

  11. Bobzeedo Says:

    If you want to succeed in banking read “The Banker Who Saved His Soul” –
    it’ll give you an inside look and perspective that will make a difference
    in your career.

  12. Bobzeedo Says:

    Find out what no one else will tell you about a banking career. Google and
    read “The Banker Who Saved His Soul”

  13. markfuller042 Says:

    I really like to listen to professional person. This guy sounds very
    professional. He deserve to have a great career in life..

  14. bigfatdick5000 Says:

    Duhhh he’s a Cambridge graduate, no wonder he could get the job.

  15. InnovateCV Says:

    @Ambushbackstab We’ll see what we can do 😉

  16. Ambushbackstab Says:

    Zoom the camera in a little more

  17. BTSdivision Says:

    is it me or does this guy have a comedy mask face? HAHAHA

  18. Bishal Kumar Agarwal Says:

    Hello Rick Sopher, Your words are really inspiring and true!

  19. londonpie72 Says:

    His words are inspiring. Graduated university in July and still job hunting
    also have retail experience but no finance experience fingers crossed.

  20. grahamsansburry Says:

    Very good person to interview – clear, on the ball, and full of wisdm.

  21. Richard Johnson Says:

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  22. O'Neil Godfrey Says:

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