Career Advice – Interior Design

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February 4, 2014

Career Advice – Interior Design

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Alissa Sutton, sought after interior designer in California, shares her advice on how best to achieve a successful career in interior design. Those looking t…

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25 Responses to “Career Advice – Interior Design”

  1. Landon Dix Says:

    Wow! Such inspiration! Look at that super chic interior! such trend! such a
    motivation woman in business!

  2. Shabbyartshop Says:

    Inspirational video!

  3. O'Neil Godfrey Says:

    *Career Advice – Interior Design*

  4. Ernestine Manowarda Says:

    Great person

  5. Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Says:

    Considering interior design? Find out what an interior design career is

  6. O'Neil Godfrey Says:

    *Career Advice – Interior Design*

  7. Nora AAZ Says:

    I’ll be studying Interior Design after 3 months I’m so excited!!!!

  8. TheCristinutza5 Says:

    @SONALI307 yes !!!

  9. Ram Nath Says:

    nice videos so much to learn frm this videos

  10. veli karagullu Says:

    deccorist iç mimarlık osmaniye/merkez sanatsal mekanlar stil sahibi
    tasarımlar için

  11. Richard Batharrison Says:

    Thanks for the video, some great advice.

  12. Kiran Raj Says:

    Its no Joke, First even i was thinking Google sketch up as a lame software
    but it really gives good output with Vray rendering although i use 3dsmax
    and dont know sketchup but i heard its easier than 3dsmax. One of my friend
    uses it.

  13. OLA KOLADE Says:

    For all students of design, Follow my journey wwwgrandinterioradvicecom

  14. Joxym15 Says:

    It would be a shame if you did not get much more income when normal people
    do it so easily using Certor Cash Code (Look it up on google).

  15. Jade Ross Says:

    Awesome awesome advice!!! She is Ann inspiration. I would love to talk to
    her one on one

  16. Kiran Raj Says:

    Nowadays Nobody does free hand drawing a lot….Designing is done in Auto
    cad Software so its not tough, only thing you might get to draw is when you
    take measurements of the place you are designing. You’ll have to sktech the

  17. Mella Says:

    AS = Associate Degree? All that O.O …And my family kept telling me to get
    a “real” degree.

  18. Smyyusuf Says:

    why not work for some one who is self employed? There many big int. design
    firms, Gensler is a popular one.

  19. ForgiveableDalana Says:

    There’s going to be a lot of work to be done. Learning about Green Design,
    Painting, General Education courses like math , English, Psycology, AutoCAD
    and many more educational courses &more importantly DRAFTING. it’s going to
    be really fun, yet challenging. It’s just not all about decorating. The
    reason why I say this, because I just graduated with my AS Degree three
    weeks ago. BOooY it was tough, stressing, crying, putting all hard work in,
    But it all paid off at the end. It was WORTH going.

  20. Nil amirul hamzah Says:

    it doesnt matter if u can draw, its about your interest, if u interested
    then its 1/2 the battle, about drawing, u can always practice, it will get
    better eventually..

  21. WowDesignDecor Says:

    PLEASE go check out my channel where i posted a similar video 🙂

  22. S0L0W21 Says:

    Shes SOOOOOOOO sexy

  23. Nora AAZ Says:

    you just made me more excited. I love challenges! I’m so into ART I’m like
    living for it. Thank you so much for your replay. 😀

  24. george Lucas Says:

    its a great starting tool for students. but organic modelling in sketchup
    is a joke and u can tell immediatly tell that something was rendered in
    sketchup. 3ds max and vray is the way to go, its simple.

  25. animatedpaintbrush Says:

    Like I said to Kal Ina: Most, if not all, architecture firms have an
    interior designer or interior architect as apart of a team. There are also
    thousands of firms dedicated specifically to interior design. Some fabric
    or home improvement stores hire interior decorators to help customers.

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