Careers in Fashion : Fashion Merchandising Jobs

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January 18, 2014

Careers in Fashion : Fashion Merchandising Jobs

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Fashion merchandisers are often in charge of retail stores and boutiques, or they are responsible for designing the display windows at larger department stor…
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18 Responses to “Careers in Fashion : Fashion Merchandising Jobs”

  1. djdinero0ja Says:


  2. Janice'es Watchin' Says:

    you travel more, and shop with other people’s money!

  3. carlos pena Says:

    hello everyone i am a high school senior and i really wanted to do
    something in fashion but i am not sure what yet. i was thinking of going to
    a two year community college first and the transfering to a 4 year for the
    rest of my two years i want to major in fashion merchandising and maybe
    fashion design…. i really want to open up my own store one day and
    eventually expand my business. Do you guys have an tips or advice to give a
    newbi? thank you very much 🙂

  4. ninanee2008 Says:

    this is what i want to do but i can’t ever find jobs like this in my state
    (N.C.) and no one can tell me where to start to get the experience i need
    to be considered…this gets on my nerves especially when i have to work
    jobs i’m not interested in. I have entry-level retail exp.

  5. rstar1102 Says:

    do they have to do presentations?

  6. mward816 Says:

    Im looking to kill the stereo type for males with fashion and dance….
    sorry not all guys that are good dancers good cooks and good with fashion
    are Homosexual… some are just creative, artistic, and profound human

  7. Summer Diaz Says:

    Im a highschool freshman and i LOVE fashion. But i cant draw or sew. I
    originally wanted to be an accountant. when i heard this i was like,

  8. RunWayUnderground Says:

    Carlos this is a year late & you’ve obviously graduated by now. What city
    are you in or hope to relocate to attend college. Depending on the city
    you’re in/or hope to be will determine what options are available for you.
    Try getting an internship w/a designer, fashion production company,
    magazine (even a local one), visit college fashion design
    departs./programs, get a job in a leading retail store to see if you like
    it. Fashion design isn’t something you chose it chooses you — it’s in yr

  9. JAZZY B Says:

    im sooo tryna b a fashion merchandiser… I FREAKN LUV FASHION WIT A
    PASSION.. 🙂

  10. Happy Gore Says:


  11. sparklepinkjenny Says:

    i have a huge passion for fashion, but to be a fashion merchandiser, do i
    need to know how to draw or design clothes??

  12. SensualAddiction Says:

    very true

  13. strictlynicky Says:

    i wanna do that so bad

  14. sydneyycheyenne Says:


  15. Skye525 Says:

    @ninanee2008 Retail experience is a great start! You should enroll in a
    college that offers this major. A two-year degree is the minimum education
    needed. You might have to relocate to my state, NYC, or another state that
    has tons of fashion related positions.

  16. SouthernBellePearls Says:

    im thinking of opening my own boutique I LOVE FASHION!!!

  17. page3fashion Says:

    Fashion Merchandising Jobs is one of the best job in fashion business

  18. Erica Grabenstein Says:

    @page3fashion Why?

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