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March 17, 2014

Careers in Psychology : Clinical Psychology Jobs

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Clinical psychologists can work in various settings, including forensic units, schools and private practices. Discover the minimum educational requirements f…
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25 Responses to “Careers in Psychology : Clinical Psychology Jobs”

  1. James Butler Says:

    Doctorates in Psychology (specifically clinical) take an additional 2-3
    years (including the 1yr internship) after earning a Master’s degree. So
    total post graduate work is roughly 4-5 years. However it is not just all
    class work, a lot of that time is spend doing counseling and practicing.
    10-12 years is more of a Medical Doctor, which is 3-4 years of medical
    school, then internship then residency(which can be one in the same as
    interning) then a staff member at a hospital.

  2. Wolf Pack Says:

    I’m thinking of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. 🙂

  3. Angel WandersWonders Says:

    I just checked out 2 books at the library and am researching all kinds of
    this stuff. I want to be a clinical and student psychologist and an
    elementary special education teacher 🙂 A lot of my friends like this
    field. But some like social workers and similar things. I really love this
    field and I don’t care about fame or anything but I really think this is a
    “worth it” job! 😀

  4. urweird77hellsyeaiam Says:

    I am currently attending school to become a behavioral analysis, and plan
    on working towards my doctorate in clinical psychology. I want to
    specialize in mental illnesses of course, child trauma and abuse, and
    substance abuse. Since I attend an university online right now, I have to
    have at least two years of on campus education to receive my doctorate
    according to APA guidelines. I can’t wait to conduct research and begin
    helping people become closer to being as “whole” as possible.

  5. SublimePsychedilics Says:

    @deanwarrengc Just ask the guys who flew themselves into the world trade

  6. yhoyy Says:

    i feel the same way

  7. Gaby Victoria Says:

    I’m a freshman in highschool and this video was very helpful. I am looking
    to be a clinical psychologist and am starting early to take classes that
    will prepare me for colleges.

  8. Jen Van Says:

    Can you become a specialist for eating disorders with a clinical psychology

  9. yeahyeahbeth Says:

    You’re awesome! Thank you 🙂

  10. TheCollegeFinder Says:

    after so much of comments the video needs an updation

  11. Peter Hartman Says:

    There’s some great careers in these fields.

  12. YurChuck23 Says:

    I need help I can’t decide wether to be a Clinical Psychologist or a
    Psychiatrist? Or both?

  13. bodhijoshin Says:

    How important is licensure vs. a master’s degree?

  14. Khush Bakht Says:

    is this different in the UK?

  15. Shaejay13 Says:

    …Might want to spell that Psychologist right….. (i didn’t spell it
    right the whole time either lol)

  16. HalimaSaadiya Says:

    Thanks John, i was completing my Assignment of Clinical Psychology Short
    Course. I will InshAllah start Masters in Psychology in this Summer
    session. And my goal is Clinical Psychology….

  17. Nikos Tagaras Says:

    so a master’s degree is not enough?

  18. menchiiscute1 Says:

    @erraticperceptionxo if it’s a real passion of yours and if you love
    helping people by giving advice and are good at it, then just go for it!

  19. blueyestlk Says:

    so what would be the highest level or degree if clinical psychology is the

  20. Hun Zo Says:

    Me too 🙂

  21. HerbySeas Says:

    Thanks a lot, this and your other videos have been helpful 🙂

  22. SurreallTV Says:

    Thanx john..Very informative……..i dont see any other comments… so i
    wanna make sure, even more…that ur info is Appreciated……..(im thinkin
    about becoming a Pyschologiest).

  23. tenira Says:

    i’m doing my undergrad in psychology at the moment, it’s pretty intense,
    and very competitive when getting into your postgraduate studies (which you
    have to do to become a registered psychologist, in australia anyway)… but
    i think it’s a good career 🙂 just try it out, for those who are wondering

  24. deanwarrengc Says:

    Lets All slow down and consider the things of life. What is the truth, what
    do We do with Our lives. GOD is always the answer. Seek HIM, HE will always
    lead Us in the right direction.

  25. pejb83 Says:

    do u people think 29 is too old to endeavor towards a clinical psychologist
    profession? I mean a doctorates typically takes 10-12 years right?

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