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October 26, 2013

Winning Job Acceptance Letter

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Writing a Winning Job Acceptance Letter

Your job hunting comes to an end when you are asked to submit a job acceptance letter. Although it is not necessary, giving an acceptance letter shows respect and courtesy for the company. There are different sample job acceptance letters available online and selecting the appropriate one is easy once you know where to find them.
There are several types of job acceptance letters. Basically, this type of letter is submitted to show your professionalism and respect to your new employer. Though you are already taken, it is still important to give a good picture to your new boss and to let the company know you are serious about performing a good job.

Searching Job Acceptance Letter

When searching for a letter, there are five things to consider aside from the professionalism of the letter. Any sample you find online should be a guide to writing the best letter possible, not something to just be copied and pasted. Writing an original letter is essential to success, you can’t just use someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. Here are the five things to consider when choosing and writing a letter.

· Positive Content. A letter comprises positive statements and is direct to the point. Same with a sample cover letter, a sample job acceptance letter is brief but direct. Be cognizant that it does not mean that your new employer will spend more time reading your letter only because he or she hired you.

· Job Title. Job acceptance letters always stress the job title or position you are employed for. Basically, these letters state the job title while giving thanks to the employer for the offer. Technically, the thank you paragraph should be the first paragraph of the letter which is different from the cover letter you included with your resume.

· Formal Job Acceptance. The purpose of this letter is to formally accept the job you have been offered and by writing the letter you state this formally instead of verbally accepting the position.

· Terms and Condition. Your letter should include the terms and conditions of employment. A good letter contains language related to the salary, benefits, starting date and working hours. This will simplify things between you and the employer. Hence, it is crucial that your sample job acceptance letter has guideline on the terms and conditions.

· Highlighted Appreciation. Upon taking your job, it is wise to state your appreciation and exuberance. This will give a good feeling and will show your dedication to work enthusiastically for their company. The letter states that you are ready to contribute to the company so be sure to use language to convey the most enthusiasm possible.

Making a job acceptance letter is a great way to formally accept a job extended to you. It shows respect to your future employer so you should make this letter every time you accept a job. Be as confident as possible in writing this letter and use these great tips to create the best job acceptance letter.

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July 28, 2013

Acceptance Letter

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Writing an Acceptance Letter


Acceptance letter is a business letter that serves as a professional response of job acceptance or an employment offer. It also caters to any kind of acceptance to an invitation or a request. For the job market it really plays a significant role as it helps reinforce the professional approach of an individual.

The most important function of this type of letter is to accept the job offer in written. Through the words and format it portrays the intention and professional conduct of the individual. It is very important to be cautious and alert while writing the acceptance letter as it will leave a direct impact on the job to be done in future.

The acceptance letter should be upbeat and professional

To ensure a well-prepared letter it is important to follow a standard business format without the use of fancy fonts and unprofessional structure. The name of the recipient should be clearly mentioned with an eye to all detail including the full name and complete address.

Then the body should be concise and to the point. A short and succinct letter has a pleasant feel and tone. Corporate people don’t have much time to spend reading the received letter so they prefer a letter that is short with clear intention. There should high-end words that are difficult to read and understand.

The letter should also reiterate what was offered in terms of job responsibilities, salary package, and the date of joining. Every small detail should be verified again through the acceptance letter. Any kind of change or terms should also be explained clearly through the written application to ensure smooth operation.

After all is done it is very important to proofread the letter twice or thrice and make the required changes in terms of language, grammar, and statements. A letter with even the smallest error can tarnish the impression of an individual and leave a bad impact.

Once the proofreading is done, close the acceptance letter by thanking the recipient. Sign at the end and show true appreciation.

To know more check Acceptance Letters go to the Job Acceptance Letters website. Also check the Job Acceptance Letter Examples.

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February 28, 2013

Tips on Writing Effective Acceptance Letter

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Tips on Writing Effective Acceptance Letter


An Acceptance letter is a formal letter that is written in response to an offer letter that a selected job applicant receives from an organization. The applicant writes the acceptance letter confirming his joining of the organization at the mutually agreed terms. It is an important employment document both for the employer and the employee.

In an acceptance letter, the selected candidate confirms to the terms and conditions of the employment offer, such as, the salary offered, the designation offered, the date of joining, the leave structure, the resignation procedure, etc.

There are many styles or templates for writing an acceptance letter.

Given below is one of the templates which can be used for writing an Acceptance Letter.

(Name of the job applicant)
(Complete address of the job applicant)Date (e.g. March 8, 2011 or 8 March 2011)
(Name of the recipient/hiring person)
(Recipient’s job title)(Complete address of the organization)

Salutation (“Dear” followed by the name of the hiring person)

Content of the letter (I am very pleased to confirm my acceptance of the job offered by you in the offer letter dated (mention the date) for the job code (mention the job code, if any). I am prepared to work hard to make a contribution towards the goals of (Mention the name of the organization).As discussed earlier, I will report to the office on (mention the date) at (mention the time).I am obliged to you for providing me the opportunity to work with your esteemed organization.

Complimentary closing (E.g. Sincerely/ Yours Sincerely)(Signature of the job applicant)

(Name of the job applicant)
(Contact Number)
(E-mail address, if any)

Certain points should be kept in mind while writing an acceptance letter.

They are:

1. Confirm your acceptance within the first two sentences of the letter.

2. The language should be official irrespective of your level of comfort with the hiring person.

3. Do not talk about the credentials of the organization in the letter. Just show your respect and admiration for the organization in a few words. Your decision to work with them is evident enough to prove your admiration for them.

4. The letter should be short and to the point. Brevity is the key to all formal letters.

5. Do show your happiness and eagerness to work with the organization.

6. The letter should be grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences and unacceptable short forms.

Know more about Acceptance Letters.

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August 18, 2011

Guidelines for Writing an Effective Scholarship Letter

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Guidelines for Writing an Effective Scholarship Letter

Article by Tamanna


Scholarship is a fantastic way of spreading quality education amongst the common man. There are many intelligent and talented students who deserve to attain the best of education but due to financial setbacks they are unable to achieve what they wish to. In such situations scholarship proves to be a blessing to them as it is a simple way of reaching out quality education to common man who is worthy of it.

The need for scholarship has increased with the increasing cost of education in the recent years. With this the need of writing scholarship letters has also increased. The type of letter writing caters to writing a request for fee waiver, in response to the request, acceptance or rejection of scholarship, and a thank you note after attainment. All these types have a common set of considerations when writing a letter but there are certain things that differ in accordance to the type.

When writing as a request for scholarship, it is very important to mention why you are applying for the same. You also need to mention your past credentials and show them your interest and passion with regards to education. The university or college you have applied to should feel confident about your goals and your urgency of financial help to fulfill your desire to study higher.

When a college or university writes in response to the letter of request then it is either an acceptance letter or a rejection letter. In case of scholarship acceptance, the letter should have the complete details of how much scholarship is achieved and on what criteria. It should also have a list of all the documents to be submitted along with the details of all the required procedures. The writer in such a case should also show his or her delight in helping the student attain education. In case if there is a rejection, then the writer should be straight and clear with all the reasons considered for rejection. The language and the tone used should be convincing, friendly, and soft. There should be no harsh words or a blunt statement with regards to the rejection of the scholarship.Then there is a scholarship letter when you earn the scholarship. In such a case you should first express your thanks and gratitude for the donor who has offered you financial assistance to fulfill your dreams and desires. It should be simple, clear, and formal. There should be no exaggeration of words and emotions but it should certainly reflect your thankfulness. Also mention the details of how the scholarship will be used by you in terms of subject you opt for and the future goals in mind.

Be it any type of scholarship letter; make sure that you conclude with a soft and positive note.

Know more about Scholarship Letters

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May 5, 2011

Mother cries over son’s college acceptance letter

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I got accepted to my first college millersville university and my mother cries. As a joke my dad calls her emotional and slaps the letter lol
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Skidmore Regular Decision Letters are in the Mail!

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Members of Skidmore’s Admissions staff gathered Friday, March 25, for an annual spring rite: the loading of the mail truck with decision letters. For some people, the first sight of a robin heralds the new season, but for the Admissions office, sending the acceptance letters is the best guarantee that spring is on the way. Approximately 5800 high school students sought admission to Skidmore’s Class of 2015, and soon nearly 2100 of them will get a “YES!” letter. Acceptance letters are going to students residing in 48 states as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. In addition, students residing in 85 different countries will receive acceptance letters. The goal is to enroll a class totaling 650, including 36 students who will spend their first semester in London, England, next fall. A total of 260 students were admitted and enrolled through the College’s two rounds of Early Decision.

Roberto’s acceptance letter

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In the below video, Copywriter Roberto Lastra lets his new advertising agency know he’s taking the job.
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