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September 21, 2011

Are You A Salesman Out Of Work? Searching For A Job? Try The Medical Sales Area

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Are You A Salesman Out Of Work? Searching For A Job? Try The Medical Sales Area

Article by Jennifer Jackson


If you are looking an a high paying sales job why not consider medical supply sales. Although this could be a complicated job, it is also very rewarding. To have a job in medical supply sales can be a good job to have, sometimes selling either high cost medical supplies, or high high turnover sales items is an area where a lot of money is made.

We all know that medical items are expensive. If you think about it, as we age they often become an a very big part part of our general expenses. A person has to interface with the medical supply entity. These persons will be called medical supply sales agents. Their job is to sell medical devices, medical inventory and services to clinics,

The medical sales area is usually a well paid business. How do you get into the medical sales business? The basic way is through sales. Do you have some experience selling concrete items such as cars, houses or vacuum cleaners? These may appear to be very far away from the medical supply field, but actually they are not. Selling is selling and this means explaining. Can you sell the value of a product or service to a hospital? You study these ideas with most sales careers.

The medical supply opportunity is a lucrative job area, an usual approach to get started is to go out and speak with medical supply companies in the field. You could simply stop by and let them know you are interested in learning more about selling for a medical company. Maybe get a meeting with the sales manager, or owner. This is showing the exact kind of skills that they would be interested in a medical sales agent. Meaning to go out and find what you are looking for.

See if you can speak with a medical supply salesman, or get an idea of how the medical supply functions. You may be able to go out with a medical sales person on a demonstration call, just to see what it is like. Will medical supply selling be a fit for you? Just like any job, you need to become acquainted the products and services being sold and fit in withthe company ideaology that you would be working with. Check your curriculum vitae, and make sure you point out all sales opportunities you have had in the past. Let the companies know that you are very serious, and will do all you can to do well.

Selling positions are among the top paid positions in the working world. Be knowledgable of this. It is as close to being in business as you can get without the initial cost. Their may be some minor costs involved with most sales jobs. For instance in the insurance area, sales representatives need to get licensed. Don’t complain if you have to pay for licenses, after all it is yours, and only you can pass the test or use the licenses.

When it is all said and done, sales careers are both challenging and interesting. Often times you can spend much of your day out seeing clients, not sittingat a desk. The medical business can offer these perks as well as a well paying job. It is not for all but could very well for you.

About the Author

Jennifer Jackson writes for several publications including Allied Medical Supply Miami Info.

She writes about the medical sales business and careers available in it.

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June 13, 2011

Best Healthcare Jobs

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Best Healthcare Jobs

Article by davidmark jessyvogal


The healthcare trade is in the present day’s booming service sector, opening up a wide range of challenges and alternatives earlier than us. If you are enthusiastic about serving to and caring for the disabled folks and interested by taking over a profession in the healthcare subject, you may look out for the most effective healthcare jobs accessible today.

To maneuver with the stream of advancements within the discipline, the healthcare trade requires the best candidates who can carry out the difficult jobs efficiently. Individuals who really need to advance in their healthcare profession rush to seize healthcare jobs from the best providers in the field. Healthcare jobs are open in hospitals, nursing houses, rehab facilities, youngster welfare organizations, fitness facilities and biomedical engineering fields. Relying on your comfort, you possibly can work on permanent or temporary basis. Some of the job providers offer attractive compensation packages for the professionals and these embody journey expense, medical insurance coverage, retirement plans and more. The remuneration for healthcare jobs varies relying on the place, qualification and expertise the candidate has in the field.

Based on the skills and talents of the jobseeker, the suppliers give placements in numerous rehab services; the jobs available include physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, speech pathologist jobs and more. Together with your particular ability in the discipline, you possibly can support folks with numerous health issues including bodily, psychological and emotional disabilities. The physical therapists must work with the physically challenged people to help them recoup their physical strength. An occupational therapist helps folks with orthopedic, psychiatric and neurological problems. People with speech and language issues and listening to problems are handled by speech pathologists.

This is an area the place honest professionals can have glorious career advancement. To find the perfect healthcare jobs that fit your qualification and skill, the web is the best resource. Simply undergo the websites and newspapers and find the appropriate healthcare job matching your job profile.

The high demand for brief-term or temporary healthcare professionals elsewhere all around the United States and the world has fueled a new type of career choice for healthcare staff everywhere. The travel healthcare trade has actually existed for close to twenty years. Within the early days, healthcare-staffing corporations matched qualified professionals with hospitals and clinics that had been in dire need of brief-time period staffing solutions. As a result of needs in extremely specialized medical fields could not all the time be met domestically, folks in medical careers at the moment are in a position to take pleasure in common travel as part of their working lifestyle.

Seasonal Demand

One of the main reasons that medical careers that contain traveling throughout the nation or the world exist is fluctuating demand. One of many major causes that demand can fluctuate greatly has to do with the seasons. In areas where the inhabitants out of the blue will increase or shrinks dramatically primarily based on whether it is spring, summer season, fall or winter, sustaining an sufficient stage of healthcare staff in local hospitals and healthcare centers might be challenging. Hiring everlasting, full-time or half-time employees to deal with the influx during busier seasons (such because the state of Florida might need to through the winter when all the New England snowbirds migrate south) might be too committal. When the rise in inhabitants subsides and returns to extra normal ranges, the world can suffer from massive layoffs and unemployment within the medical field.

The costs of staffing on this approach can turn into very excessive for medical services, as unemployment insurance coverage premiums are more likely to rise and the cost of training new workers every season may also be high.

Advantages of Healthcare Jobs That Involve Touring

A few of the advantages are very apparent, whereas others are not. Working with an excellent medical staffing agency will help you earn high pay and excellent advantages including the ability to save for retirement in a professional plan reminiscent of a 401K. Most journey healthcare assignments provide private, quality housing that is freed from charge for medical staff. Most healthcare employees know the experience of working in world-renown analysis services or teaching hospitals is priceless. The opportunity to work at not only one prestigious facility however a number of in numerous components of the nation is one other advantage of journey healthcare.


About the Author

The healthcare jobs professionals who are dedicated to their jobs are a serious requirement of the day and your complete society advantages from their services. There are a lot of advantages to having a career within the travel office recruitment specialists.



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June 12, 2011

Sales Jobs in Kansas – Tips on Finding Sales Jobs in Kansas

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Sales Jobs in Kansas – Tips on Finding Sales Jobs in Kansas


Sales jobs are a very popular and extremely common type of job field in every part of the world. This is because no matter what type of business, ownership or even smaller endeavor that a company might be, they would always require sales personnel to handle different kinds of aspects of sales that are required for the flourishing of the business. After all every business or company is all about the sale of their products and services, which is what makes are breaks the company. Once this aspect is understood it would be quite clear to understand why sales jobs are the popular field that they are.

Once this is understood it is necessary to understand that every sales job is very restricted to the area where it is located because it has to pertain to all the government rules and different business rules and norms that are being laid out in that area for sales job. That is why most sales jobs are looked out in terms of the area, the locality or even the country where they might be located in.

Sales jobs in Kansas are absolutely restrictive to that area and they have to put in a lot to the different rules that have been laid down by the government of USA and Kansas in itself is a very flourishing area and therefore sales jobs have a lot of demand in this area.

Sales jobs in Kansas City are definitely based on the different types of companies that are based in this area. One very basic fields of business that is quite popular here is the pharmaceutical base and that is why pharmaceutical sales jobs in Kansas City are quite popular and extremely in demand.

Again sales jobs in Wichita are also very important to understand because the sales jobs in Kansas City and sales job in Wichita are quite interrelated and there are many companies that have their bases in both these areas and therefore they might interchange sales personnel between these two areas to make sure that that they have the best possible sales service that they could get from all the employment structure that they have.

Once this is understood, it would be very easy to understand the difference structures that pertain to sales job in Kansas City. One important factor is to view the sales job in relation to different aspects to which it pertain to. Sales job are heavily dependent on customer services of an area because the customer services group actually determine customer satisfaction for the company and thus help in network building. Again, sales jobs are also dependent on the management area of the business because the management level decides on different concepts and ideas that would help in the development of the sales of the company and also the management level supervises all the interdependent aspects of sales in a company so that it make sure that it is a smooth functioning structure.

To learn more about finding sales jobs in Kansas, please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the selling profession. Silas Reed, Writer for SellingCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different selling job profiles.


June 11, 2011

Finding Entry Level Offshore Jobs

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Finding Entry Level Offshore Jobs


Having no experience in the Oil drilling industry is not necessarily an obstacle to finding entry level offshore jobs. It is perfectly possible to get employed on an offshore rig for entry level offshore jobs without having worked on one before ( many of us were in that ship at one previous point ). There are actually many entry level offshore jobs available. It all depends on what you wish to do, and having the the correct contacts to get your resume in front of. The range of entry level offshore jobs and opportunities offshore include: Floormen or Roughnecks and Roustabouts, Crane Operators, Cleaners/Painters, Storekeepers, Rig Mechanic, Rig Electricians, Rig Welders, Rig Doctors , Cooks and Second Cooks.

However, most people looking to get into the industry are wanting to get employed on as a Roustabout or Roughneck, otherwise known as Floormen. Although it is perfectly feasible to get employed with no coaching or experience whatsoever, your chances of getting entry level offshore jobs are going to seriously increase if you have even a modest amount of industry training. Fortunately, there are a few programs available to help those without any experience gain a solid appreciation of the fundamentals of the job. Without a doubt, this can greatly assist getting employed; placement rates of these 1 to eight week programs are about 97%. Following are a few of the better programs.

Maritime Drilling Faculties – Maritime Drilling Faculties has a world-wide reputation in putting out graduates from their three week Floorman course that may start work as a Roustabout in an Offshore or Onshore environment. Training consists of drilling programs, hands-on rig training, and industry safety programs. Life talents and job readiness will be included in the program. The Certificates issued upon graduation, required in Canada, will permit you to start work anywhere in the world, straight away. They also offer complicated coaching that will permit you to move up to aid Driller and Driller.

Enform – Enform is another respected Petrol Industry coaching company. They’ve been in business for fifty years, and work closely with the Petroleum Industry, and aid their graduates in finding roles. Their 1 week Floorhand Redneck coaching program is meant to prepare people with little-to-no experience to work safely on an oil or gas well drilling rig. The student will gain a foundation of knowledge and skills through classroom lectures, talents coaching and drilling rig practice sessions, and will be prepared on completion to become an effective member of a drilling crew.

PetroSkills – PetroSkills is geared more for the Engineering side of things, and is the considered the bog standard for technical coaching in the Petroleum Industry. It’s the product of a consortium between the world’s biggest oil firms, and serves the industry by coaching a large range of technicians and engineers in the latest oil field and offshore technology.

Getting a foot in the door of the Offshore Oil industry by taking a few basic courses to learn the basics is an investment that will pay off instantly in the form of higher salary as well as a seriously increased appreciation of occupational safety. You’ll hit the job running, and your fellow employees will quickly see and appreciate that you will know what you do, and will not be a risk to yourself or others. When those basic abilities, save time looking for entry level offshore jobs by utilizing the industry insider contacts provided by the better offshore job finding services.

Julian Gaston is a Freelance Writer, Cook , Web-master , and Adventurer. For more information on Entry Level Offshore Jobs, and and how to break into the field, come visit us at Offshore Jobs Review.

Julian Gaston is a Freelance Writer, Chef, Webmaster, and Adventurer. For more information on the exciting world of jobs offshore, and how to break into the field, come visit us at Offshore Jobs Review.


June 10, 2011

Part Time Self Employment Jobs To Earn A Second Income

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Part Time Self Employment Jobs To Earn A Second Income

Are you looking to make money on the side? Need to earn an extra income? Looking for a career change but want to safely start doing something part time? If your answer to any of those is yes then here are 5 simple part time self employment jobs that you may like to consider:

Product Promoter
One of the fun and uncomplicated part time jobs is handing out free products and convincing customers to buy them. If you are employed fulltime and you want to earn an extra income or want to make profitable use of your weekends, promotional work is an option to consider. A lot of product manufacturers are willing to pay considerable amount for people who are amiable, hardworking and able to promote their products. The opportunities for this type of part time job don’t end so with just a few hours on weekends, you can already augment your income.
Home Retailer
If you know where to look for great part time self employment jobs then it will be less of a hassle. Did you know that you might have in your home what other people need and are willing to buy? Bring them all out and request your family and friends to give you stuff that they aren’t using anymore like old electronic equipment, cell phones and toys among others. You can sell all these online on places like eBay and other auction websites. You won’t know how much treasure you have until you start earning extra cash selling used goods online. If you find a unque or at least high in demand angle, you could scale things up and negotiate a deal with suppliers so you can form a business.
Freelance Writing
Freelance writing online is another great opportunity. With this fully flexible part time job, you decide how many hours you will spend working and what tasks you are willing to do. There are numerous freelance writing websites where you can browse through available jobs and find one that is within your interest and expertise. If you have a good command of the English language and excellent grammar and spelling skills then you can certainly be a freelance writer.
A lot of people do not want to leave their houses empty whenever they go on holiday vacations or business trips and yes, this is good news for this presents one of the self employed jobs that might catch your attention – house sitting. If you have a few credible references who can speak well f you and you have no criminal record then you can easily fit in this part time job. Just read you dailies and look for ads that offer pay in exchange for services to watch over the house, plants, and pets among other properties of someone else.
Child Day Care Group
This one is especially great for mothers raising children at home, or who recently have done. Would you mind watching over a few kids? If you have kids of your own and would enjoy taking care of other children then starting a small day-care group of no more than 5 kids is a rewarding option.

These are just five of the countless part time self employment jobs available. Discover more ideas at Self Employed Jobs

A Rough Guide to Investment Banking Jobs

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A Rough Guide to Investment Banking Jobs

Investment banking jobs are one of the most financially rewarding areas that a graduate can go into after leaving university. They may not be easy but with the challenges of the work comes a great deal of prestige – and perhaps most importantly, a comparable salary.
Generally speaking, to be a viable candidate for a job in investment banking, you’ll need to be a graduate. You’ll also need to be a fairly high performing graduate; most investment banks will only consider you if have achieved at least a 2:1 honours degree. The biggest, most prestigious banks at the top end of the market are among the fiercest competitors for first class graduates, so the better your degree the better your prospects in netting an entry level position in investment banking.
One of the most important things to understand about a career in investment banking though is that it’s not just one type of job. It’s several different roles, from trading to tax consultancy to market research, asset management or even further into the so-called ‘back office’ roles of human resources or marketing. Consequently, these jobs draw upon a wide variety of skills and many different degrees will be considered by investment banking employers.
Of course, the trading and quantitative positions in investment banking are mainly looking for graduates who have studied a degree with a substantial mathematical element to them – generally bachelor of science (Bsc) courses. Obvious candidates include economics, mathematics, accounting & finance or business studies. However, they’ll also consider you if you’ve studied less obvious degrees such as physics, chemistry, or engineering.
Other areas will be looking for a more varied selection of candidates though. The corporate finance and sales divisions of an investment bank, for example, will be looking for any graduates who have demonstrated commitment to their studies and dedication to their work. Marketing, Geography, English, Politics – if you’ve excelled, you’ll be welcome in any bank.
Working in investment banking isn’t something you should embark upon lightly though. The rewards are high – but so are the responsibilities. If you’re after a standard nine to five or if you don’t like being placed under extreme pressure, then this isn’t the career for you. Whilst you’ll generally be expected to work a set number of hours on a regular basis, depending on the contracts you’re working on you’ll be expected to work as long as it takes to meet the deadlines for each client.
Of course there are benefits to make up for this. Whilst starting wages have dropped considerably in recent years – once it was common to enter a role with a starting salary of £32k-40k – and the initial £15k salary is less appealing, investment banking is a job with huge prospects. Nearly every role in either the ‘front’, ‘middle’, and ‘back’ offices will qualify for bonuses throughout the year – and they can run from 50% to 150% of the base salary even in the first year if you work well.
Plus past the first year you’ll hopefully be on your way up the career ladder, where the prospects are even better.

Edward Parker is a recruitment expert who writes articles on various topics including Graduate Recruitment, Finance Recruitment, Manufacturing Recruitment and Asset Management Jobs etc. For more information on Investment Banking Recruitment he recommends you to visit

June 9, 2011

The Many Varieties of Civil Engineering Jobs

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The Many Varieties of Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil engineering is a wonderful occupation, demanding skill, determination, and a strong motivation to succeed. Those who excel in mathematics, geometry, and science will have the best opportunities to pursue the college courses necessary to achieve their masters degree in civil engineering. A civil engineer has the choice to work for an established firm, to work for himself, or to go into the military and utilize his or her services in the field.

Civil engineering jobs are fiercely competitive, requiring a masters or bachelors degree, a letter of recommendation, and preferably previous work experience in a related field. Strong written and oral communications skills are a must, as are computer skills. Specifically, the ability to use draft and design software is a necessary skill, along with typical desktop applications for communicating with other members of your organization.

Civil engineers have competitive salaries to go along with the responsibilities of the job, and the amount of money an individual can make is largely determined by the area in which the work is performed. The compensation received can also be on a contractual basis, it can be determined by a set rate made by the employer for each department within a firm, or it can be charged per hour if one is self-employed.

Because civil engineering jobs are directly related to the construction industry, when construction projects are on the rise, engineering jobs also tend to increase in demand. Conversely, when construction work declines, so does demand for the services of a civil engineer, generally speaking. Although similar in many respects to the work performed by an architect, civil engineering jobs are unique in that the focus tends to be mainly on roadwork, both repairs and construction, and on public services, such as electrical wiring.

Much of an engineer’s work is performed in an office, although trips out into the field are necessary for surveying, supervising, and problem solving. Other things for which a civil engineer may be called upon may include working with city and county officials to determine what work needs to be done on a long-term basis, where repairs are needed the most, traffic volumes in highly-traveled areas, and more along these lines for determining the construction needs of the community over a period of years.

There is a great deal of job security in this field, for even during economic downturns, civil engineers usually have enough to keep their hands full. The scope of the work that this job requires means that there is always something in the community in which one is employed needing improvement, either in the short run or the long run.

Going for your masters degree in civil engineering will take time and dedication, but the rewards of this field are many.

Are you trying to find design engineer jobs in the UK? Be sure to register at our job site if you are trying to find automotive engineering jobs. We have listings for many other jobs as well.

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