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June 22, 2013

Resume Templates

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Resume Templates – How to Write?


Before choosing resume templates, you need to feel the difference between resume and academic curriculum vitae. You should understand that curriculum vitae templates are meant for students who apply for admission or other educational purposes. However in job market, there is no usage of curriculum vitae templates as companies always prefer professional/commercial templates from candidates. In a resume, you need to endorse yourself. You should advertise your quality and talent. You must remember that in commercial sectors, you will have to sell your skill, education and experience to earn money. Therefore, your resume templates must be authentic, informative and organized. You need to convince your big boss that you have the quality, efficiency and technical expertise to fight for getting job. Do you like to know how to write resume templates? The fact is that you need to be research oriented and you must have the ability to showcase your hidden talent. Always keep one thing in mind that you should not showcase pessimistic attitude as you need to accelerate the dynamism of your personality. You should learn how to create a fantastic format which can display your personal image in more glamorous way.

Resume Templates formats

Resume Templates formats must be filtered and screened in proper way so that there will be no structural error in the format. Every category should be put in arrayed order. If it is your educational background, you must categorize your schooling and higher studies in symmetrical way. If you have any technical/vocational training, you must mention in your resume. However, you can’t make your resume template verbose, useless and weighty with irrelevant information. Do you have any prior experience in any field or research area? Please mention properly about experience, technical know-how, educational background and self identification. You must write something special about your objective, plan and aim in life. At the same time, just write two or three sentences about your personal achievements and hobby. Bring flavor to your writing style. Keep the brevity and perfection while writing these templates.

Cover Letters

Lastly cover letter is very important to apply for the job. Resume with cover letter is a must. Now in this connection, you can navigate into online inventories to collect few samples of free Resume Templates for further study. You must apply your innovative ideas perfectly to update your resume template. Finally, you should check these templates several times before taking printed hard copies from your printer machine. In resume, you need to introduce yourself to your superiors. Therefore you should not provide any fake or false information which can spoil sweet rapport with commercial sectors.

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October 17, 2011

What is a resume anyway?

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So what is a resume anyway?


It is the primary marketing tool you have to secure an interview. Employers, human resource professionals and placement service agency representatives have stacks of resume and applications to weed through in today’s job market. If you want yours to stand out, you better be solid on the basics, like spelling and grammar.

Beyond that, your resume needs to grab the attention of the reviewer with its visual appeal, education background, job experience, accomplishments, and so on.

Even if your work history is brief, chose language that is compelling and descriptive in detailing your contributions on the job. Remember, you are selling yourself to secure a face-to-face interview through your resume.

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July 15, 2011

Resume Services Provider – The Pros and The Cons

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Resume Services Provider – The Pros and The Cons

Article by Julie Ann Ross


Resume services do have their pros and cons. Although everything has its advantages and disadvantages, resume services can help distinguish you from other applicants applying for the same job. Since the job market is a little crowded right now, every little advantage you can get puts you that much closer to finding your next job.

A resume services provider can help you stand out of the crowd. For example, a resume service professional will make sure your best information comes out. If you have not always been the best at pressing your censor button, or you are great at inserting your foot in mouth, your resume services pro can help you filter out useless, or embarrassing, information in order to ensure the best gets out.

There are numerous resume horror stories on the Internet, but one we liked was the resume that came in with the career objective, “Objective: To obtain a position within an organization in which both my fashion and administrative experience can be of great detriment.” (See, that’s the sort of thing that a resume services pro helps you avoid. For one thing, they know the difference between detriment and benefit.)

Because we are not all born writers, resume services providers can make sure everything is being done correctly. Everything will be spelled right, your resume will have correct grammar and punctuation, and they will even be able to use the most effective language in highlighting your experiences.

With a resume, everything needs to be done in a certain way, and done correctly. A resume services provider will also know the latest proven resume writing techniques.. They keep up with the latest trends and developments, which means you don’t have to spend hours researching this on your own and then wasting valuable opportunities seeing if your new ideas worked on your latest application.

Another great advantage of using a resume services pro is they know the right things to say to make you stand out. Since Human Resources departments are doing all the hiring, it is obvious that they are looking for something in particular, which they find by using specific keywords. The more keywords are used properly in your resume, the more likely it will make the initial cut. Resume services providers will make sure all those key words HR professionals are looking for are there.

Although the pros are definitely greater than the cons, there are a few disadvantages to using a resume service provider.

If you are a college student, resume services can seem expensive or over budget for your job hunt. While that may be true in the short run, you will more than make it up in the long run. Much like your college degree, investing the dollars ahead of time will ensure a greater payoff later. Think of it like your college degree: you attended and paid for college to guarantee a successful and lucrative career. Hiring a professional resume writer can boost you into that better job right off the bat, which will give you a head start up your career ladder, resulting in a promising career.

One word of caution: if you are looking for a more experienced position or are looking for a very specialized job, some resume services providers might not have the experience or know-how you need for this particular job hunt. So don’t just hire the first resume writer you find. Interview the person into whose hands you’re putting your career. Do they have the experience to put together a resume suitable for your position or career stage? Do they have the knowledge to write about your experiences intelligently? Be sure you talk to a resume services pro about any special information you think needs to be on your resume, but take their advice when they say you might not.

About the Author

Video Resume is referenced by Julie Ross of Rostin Ventures, for professional resume services and video production of video resumes, including executive resume services and expert online reputation management. also offers video resume services to help college graduates get the edge in the business world.

July 14, 2011

Resume Services By Resumeprose

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Resume Services By Resumeprose


There are many people out there, thinking to make some good career changes and for this an imperative must have is a great resume. Gone are the days when a resume was considered to be just a peeper into ones professional life as now it has become a reflection of one’s credibility. Fresher candidates who are looking for a great job opportunity also need to know that a well crafted resume is a ticket to a great job. One needs to know what the employers are expecting out of the resume and with the professional resume service providers out there, it’s not tough.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Resume Writer:

There are loads of amazing benefits that one can enjoy if a good resume writer is hired for crafting a professional resume.

An expert resume writer is well proficient in resume writing techniques, he or she knows the format in which resume flows and what all would suit to the client’s requisites well. One more thing that a good resume writer would know is the content or the area that has to be left aside assuring that all important things are included.

A professional resume writer is going to possess a complete insight of client’s particular niche, so one can be rest assured that he or she would know what an industry specific resume demands.

Creative resume services assure that in the resume stress is laid on making one depict as an industry professional and not much blabbering about.

A professionally written resume is going to be short in length and impressive in instilling ones confidence level.

Acquiring services of a reliable resume writer not only saves time, but a huge amount of effort that would go into it.

It has been found that the candidates who have a professionally written resume is hand, ought to come out as confident and successful ones.

A professionally written resume is indeed a doorway to a great career move in all possible senses.

These are some of the prominent benefits one is going to enjoy from the services provided by a professional resume services.

What Makes Resumeprose Unique?

There are lot many reasons why one can vouch on Resumeprose for expert resume services, some of the prominent reasons are:

The resume written by resumeprose resume writers looks attractive and has the power to grab anyone’s attention.

Every tiny little detail of one’s qualification and expertise is going to be included in the professional resume in a unique manner.

The resume that one has in hands at the end would serve as an employer impressing tool and help one secure a good job.

It can be truly said that acquiring services of a professional resume writer assures one mental peace before interview and confidence during the interview time.

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July 13, 2011

Resume Writing Tips for Business

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Resume Writing Tips for Business

Article by Jennie Gandhi


Business resume writing is completely different from other resumes but still the basic format and the structure remains the same. Like other resume, even this type of resume is a reflection of an individual’s skills, talents, and interpersonal skills.

The major consideration when writing a business resume is who the audience is. Based on the type of audience you can analyze what to write and how to write.

Listed below are some of the excellent tips for resume writing for business:

• As other resumes, business resume also begins with your name and complete contact details.

• Then the objective plays a major role. This statement should be strong enough to reflect your professional characteristics in a convincing manner.

• You can also create a special section to highlight your special skills that are essential for this kind of profile. Some of the key skills required for the same are creativity, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, motivated, dedicated, deep understanding of the financial market, knowledge about finance, analytic problem solving, and good visionary.

• Be succinct and mention all your skills and abilities in bullet points. Don’t overdo bold and italic types; bullets are enough to highlight.

• Keep the formatting of the document simple and easily readable.

• Describe your work experience by listing all your activities with supportive examples. In examples you can list all the problems you faced while performing your duties, what methods you used to solve those issues, and how effectively you were able to resolve them.

• Lay emphasis on your achievements, accomplishments, and special certifications achieved in the context.

• If possible, show quantifiable results of your work. Specific numbers in terms of years of experience, revenue earned, profit gained, issues resolved, leads generated, staff managed, and percentage of productivity are all examples of quantifiable results.

• Chuck out all the information with regards to your skills, education, and your talents that are not co-related to the applied position.

• Emphasize on special qualification like business communication, business administration, and knowledge of foreign language.

• When mentioning the knowledge of foreign language, do mention your level of proficiency.

• You can also give a brief about any of your research, examination, and analysis if done in a relevant field.

• Use keywords that are industry specific but don’t use it excessively. You should be smart enough to analyze which keyword to use, where to use, and how often to use.

• Avoid using slang, harsh, and generic language in your resume.

To know more about the resume writing, check Business Resumes.


About the Author

Jennie Gandhi has a passion for resume writing and writes on diverse topics including fashion, beauty, automotive, educational, motivational and even technical.

Best Resume Services

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Best Resume Services

Article by Chris Klinton


A bunch of resumes competing to catch/vying for the attention of the HR, makes it a challenge to get to write a perfect resume. It should be the one to catch the attention of the employer and hold it until the end. Resume is the launch pad to getting a job. It speaks volumes about your communication skills and creativity. It presents your skills, accomplishments and experience. Resume writing is an art which requires you to be smart and creative.

Best resume services

Many clients are not capable of writing, composing and presenting a resume that adequately highlights the abilities of the candidate. They are unable to match the strengths of the candidate to what the employers are seeking in a candidate. It is evident that when you redesign and restructure your resume to incorporate and illustrate the desired skills and give it a more professional look , you will be offered more interview calls. Bear in mind that you will need a well targeted and worded cover letter to complement your resume. The impression should be such that you are the perfect fit for the job.

The key elements in choosing a resume writing service are:

Capabilities and Experience:
The resume service that you single upon should be able to handle the entire range of resume preparation, including resume, cover letter and personal statement. Today’s web age most of them will have websites. Check their website to see if they have the following features:Toll free number to provide with technical assistance. Sample resumes and cover letters to judge the quality of their work. Interactive worksheets should be there on the website where you can submit your resume information.Websites are sometimes very confusing and have cluttered information, avoid these resume services. The website will also have some resume writing tips. From these you can judge their approach to resume writing. There is no substitute for experience so older the resume service the better experienced it is.

The cost of Resume service:
As compared to the cost of preparing for a job, the cost of employing a resume service to do your resume is lower. However, you can conduct a comparative market study to ascertain the cost of the service you are considering. Make sure the company is confident and guarantees satisfaction. Beware of resume services that charge less because the service will be according to the charges.

Personal Touch:
The resume service should arrange to connect you directly with the resume provider or writer. You should be in touch with him throughout the creation cycle by emails and on phone. This interaction becomes vital, so that your resume gets across the message you wish to convey and the impression you want to portray.

Just because someone claims to be a professional resume writer does not mean that they have an insight into writing effective resumes. Approach all of them with some amount of skepticism.

Appearance is important because you show what you are. However, the content and the organization of the resume are also equally important. It does not mean that a graphic designer will be the best choice for writing your resume.

Resume Writing Draft:
When the resume writer shows you the draft of your resume ask them certain key questions like why things are put in this particular way, or why did you put across the work experience in a particular way. It reflects on the strategy of the service. It indicates the reasons why they have included or excluded certain information, how they have organized your resume. Be careful of services that cannot provide you with the reasons behind the strategy and the approach used in making your resume.


About the Author

I am good resume writer. I am professional in assistant manager resume writing. I have written various types of office assistant resume. In that I focus on almost all fields such as accounting, arts, clerks, and many more resume services.

July 12, 2011

Expert Federal Resume Writing Help – Certified Professional Federal Resume Writing Service

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Expert Federal Resume Writing Help – Certified Professional Federal Resume Writing Service

Expert Federal Resume Writing Help – Certified Professional Federal Resume Writing Service


The federal resume is one of the hardest documents you will ever prepare. It is a time-intensive, labor of love that requires dedication, advanced grammar and editing skills, and the ability to draft a 2-4 page document about yourself. That doesn’t sound hard to you? Okay, try sitting down and describing your current life in a paragraph. Now, do that 2- 8 times over with respect to each job position and life experience you have had and then maybe you will see my point.

Unfortunately, even though the Obama administration got rid of the KSAs, the federal resume still looms. And, don’t be fooled by the fact that the government has done away with KSAs – that is not the case. Rather, the only difference is that now many of the agencies require that the KSAs be integrated into your current resume. How’s that for difficult – Basically the KSA is still a requirement for almost every government agency, only they are requiring that it be included in your resume, as opposed to submitted in a separate document.

What can you do to try to ease the pain of creating a federal resume – here are a few tips from a 10th year nationally certified resume writer who has served as a federal resume writer to several of the web’s top resume writing companies.

1.      Brainstorm: When you apply for Federal and Government positions, they are sticklers for accuracy. Saying you started a position in 2010 is not enough – they want dates, including months and years. And, once you are on the interview and request that you complete a job application, they will require even more specific dates such as the exact date you started and ended the position. Therefore, take some time and think of each position you’ve had, the title, the supervisor, the months/years, and whether you will agree to let the potential employer contact your old employer.

2.      Outline: Just as if you were back in high school or college, the key to any great essay is the ability to gather, organize, and execute your thoughts. Therefore, the first step in actually drafting the resume is for you to outline a job description that adequately describes each position you have had for the last 15-years.

3.      Fine Tune the Outline: The next step should be taking the information and turning it into a story. Unlike a civilian resume, which is the equivalent of telling a story, a federal resume is the equivalent of writing a really, really boring story. It is important that you detail everything you did, but not overstate it. This is because with federal jobs, they WILL check your references, and WILL check you confirm that you actually completed what you said you did. (Not that you should ever lie in a civilian resume).

4.      Give up and Hire a Resume Writer: Make SURE you have an EFFECTIVE FEDERAL RESUME:  Government resumes generally will require the help of a professional resume writer. This is because the format is entirely different, the verbiage is more straightforward without being reprtitive, and the content is much more dense.  In addition, the job descriptions are much more detailed and in paragraph form. For the best results, do yourself a favor and hire Certified Professional Resume Writer with a strong background in creating  Federal Resumes.

Matthew S. is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with extensive Federal experience. He is a Member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and National Resume Writer Association. He is a nationally renowned resume writer and has worked with top companies, Fortune 50 Executives and federal agencies. He is the owner of the and for federal resume.

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