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June 12, 2011

Clip – Thank You Letters

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The Dorm Written and Directed by Lenny Pierce, starring Chris Adams-Wall


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June 11, 2011

Job Interview Tips : How to Write Interview Thank-You Letters

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Writing interview thank-you letters is good business etiquette that reflects appreciation for the specific job interview. Write interview thank-you letters discussing the specific interview with tips from an executive business manager in thisfree video on career information.

Expert: Gloria Dixon Campbell

Bio: Gloria Dixon Campbell has an executive MBA in management from the University of South Florida, and a BA in Sociology from the University of West Florida.

Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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June 10, 2011

Thank You Note Wording Made Easy

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Thank You Note Wording

At a loss for words? Get free sample thank you note wording and verses for any occasion,including baby thank you wording, sample sympathy thank yous, thank you wedding notes, sample graduation thank you cards, and much more…!


June 9, 2011

The Thank You Letter After Interview…Did You Deliver One?

Filed under: Thank You Letter — admin @ 6:47 pm Like the thank you notes your mother always encouraged you to write, a thank you letter after interview can solidify you in the hearts and minds of those receiving it. Employment Coach Sean McCaffrey has some great guidelines for you.

June 3, 2011

Writing Effective Thank You Letter

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Writing Effective Thank You Letter

Article by Jennie Gandhi


Writing an effective thank you letter is very important after receiving a special gift in an informal relationship or after receiving an employment letter. These can be written both informally and formally. Thank You is simply a feeling to be expressed gently whether it’s in a formal or an informal letter. So, whichever type of letter you write make sure that your words, sentences, and structure express deepest gratefulness to the reader.

Informal thank you letter is attributed to friends and relatives in response to any special gift or gesture from them. Any kind of help or prompt action taken by others in your favor also needs a special thank you note in a friendly manner. In an informal way, thank you letter can also be written in response to an invitation or a wedding gift. In the letter you should clearly mention the reason for sending the letter and express your gratitude respectfully and positively. It’s even more humble to put across an assurance to the reader that in lieu of what the reader has done for you, you’ll also be available anytime for any possible help. This will make the reader feel even more happy and content thinking that he or she has done nothing wrong in helping you.

The official or formal thank you letter is attributed to responding to a letter of employment or a letter of appreciation. When you receive a letter of employment it’s good to express your gratitude for the offered employment and also assure your significant contributions to the growth of the company. Through your soft and positive words convey your enthusiasm about getting the employment opportunity. Create a small paragraph of thanks and also review your qualifications and talents in brief. State your confidence in your skills and abilities to ensure that you’ll prove to be an asset to the company. You can also give a mention of special or rewarding moment from the interview held.

Following the brief information about the interview and your special skills, mention your date of joining. Clearly mention the specified date to avoid any kind of confusion. Then close the letter in a positive note with a gentle approach. Sign your name and mention your complete address and contact number for any future correspondence.

To know more check Thank You Letters.

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Jennie Gandhi has a passion for writing and writes on diverse topics including fashion, beauty, automotive, educational, motivational and even technical.



The Lost Art Of Resume Thank You Letters.

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The Lost Art Of Resume Thank You Letters.

Article by James Calvin


Writing resume thank you letters is becoming more of a necessity in today’s ever competitive world. These days, you need to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. It can be difficult to do so for a very sought after job. One way to give youself an edge is to simply do the courteous and thoughtful act of mailing a thank you letter after your resume has been looked or even received. Employers want people who are not afraid to take risks and go the extra mile. Sure, sending a resume thank you letter could be a complete waste of time, effort and energy. Then again it could be that one small thing that sets you apart from the other candidates that could be just as qualified, if not more than you.

Resume thank you letters were almost a lost tradition from the days of yester year when courtesy and kindness were a norm. It wasn’t until the hustle and bustle of modern life made everyone so busy and turned everyone into a number that resume thank you letters became popular again. Now, out of necessity, demonstrating that you have additional skills or thought processes has brought the resume thank you letter back and into the forefront for those that like to stay on top.

Writing resume thank you letters are important to both you and your prospective employer. Even as busy as you are, writing the resume thank you letter is the thing you really want to do. In a perfect world where everyone had all the time they needed to get everything done they wanted, sending a resume thank you letter would be one thing everyone would do. Employers notice these small things and appreciate the time and thought that goes into writing a resume thank you letter. Send yours today!
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James Calvin is bringing awareness to the web topics such as resume thank you letters through his website For more details on resume thank you letters be sure to visit his website. You may freely distribute or publish his article as long as this bio and an active hyperlink are accompanied with it.



May 8, 2011

Thank You Letter After the Job Interview | Follow Up Letters

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Why send a thank you letter to follow up with an employer after a job interview?’s Rosanna Indie covers the importance of sending thank you letters and emails to follow up after the interview.
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