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June 13, 2011

Becoming an American Citizen | Getting a green card and US Passport

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The INS is holding free sessions nationwide to all those interested in learning how to become a US Citizen. Here is a video presentation released to the public by the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service). Work Permit USA – Visa information for those seeking a US Work Visa. Details on how to obtain an H1B work visa. Information useful for anyone who would like to work in the USA legally.
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June 12, 2011

How to obtain the Brazilian visa easily for a great trip

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How to obtain the Brazilian visa easily for a great trip


If you think that this job is complicated, then you might think again. If you know what you have to do, then all this process will be a nice experience which will end up with positive results. But before you get there, you have to know exactly the Brazil visa operations that you need to do.
One of the most important conditions when you apply for a Brazilian visa is the validity of your passport. This is the reason why you have to pay close attention to its expiry date. If it expires before six months from your departure date, then you have all the chances for the visa from the Brazilian authorities to be refused. In this case, you’d better renew your passport, because otherwise, you risk losing the whole trip. You will also need to have at least two more free pages in your passport. So, pay attention to your documents and only then try to submit your Brazilian visa application.
After you make sure that your passport is in order, complete the online application form for your visa to Brazil, because it is the surest and fastest method to solve this problem. You can find all the information on the website and you won’t have to repeat the whole process in case you decide to apply the form in person to the Brazilian’s Embassy. In the last case, if you completed the form wrong, you’ll have to start all over again. Imagine what that means if you don’t live live in or near Ottawa and Toronto.
Besides the passport and the Brazilian visa application, the tourist will also need things like two recent photos in 5cm x 5cm format. Don’t forget that it is important for you to be photographed with your back against a complete white wall. Otherwise, you can easily understand what will happen – the Brazil visa application will be rejected. You will also need to attach the copies from your travel itinerary, like the print-outs of your reservations or other documents to prove that you go there for pleasure or work, in case you need a business visa.
One important issue when you apply for a Brazilian visa is the timing. This is the reason why you need to organize yourself to find your perfect moment. If you apply too early, because the visa is valid only 90 days, you risk not having the visa in order during your trip. If you apply too late, you risk not receiving it on time. So, think really well about this matter and act wisely. As you can see, making some research about the terms and conditions which you need to follow to obtain the visa to Brazil will help you a lot, allowing you to enjoy your time spent in Brazil.

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US Visas

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Are you baffled by the variety of US visas and find it difficult to figure out which one is best for you? Check out the Global Visas quick guide to American visas below. Speak to the experts about getting the right US visa for you.
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June 11, 2011

Canadian Working Visa and Canada Visa

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Canadian Working Visa and Canada Visa


Working permit for Canada can be obtained if you have an offer of employment before applying for your Canadian working visa. Canada seeks to attract temporarily skilled workers to fill the positions that Canadian employer are currently having difficulty to fill by a Canadian permanent resident. It is used on a temporarily basis only and on condition that you have been sponsored. Employers that need to skill shortage in Canada may seek to employ a foreign national by sponsoring a Canadian visa.

Your employer must take the following steps before applying for a Canadian working visa.

Your employer must first confirm your position is suitable to apply for a Canadian work visa by making an application to human resources development Canada (HRDC)

Must then offer you the confirmed position

Must then make an application to citizenship and immigration Canada for a work permit for Canada

You must note that not all employment offers will be considered and human resource development Canada’s role is to confirm that your position will be of benefit to the Canadian market and not to ruin Canadian citizen employment opportunities before an application can be considered. . Once the work is terminated you cannot continue to stay in Canada because Canada working visa is not transferable.

Canada is a land of opportunities and abounds with economic prosperity, and affordable education options, with health care and retirement schemes, abundance of land, clean air and fresh water supplies, providing for a safe and secure environment in Canada. Indeed, Canada’s esteemed stature is reflected in its being a member of the prestigious economic Group of Eight and its reputation as a respected participant in world affairs. This is why the Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly upgrading their programs to ensure that Canada visa and immigration is well successful, both for newcomers.

Canada visa are permitted temporarily through various employers sponsorship programs namely;

Skilled workers visa; it’s for people who seek to work and settle in Canada.

Study visa; Canada provides service assistance to prospect applicants willing to study in the country and able to get admission to the Canadian educational institution.

Tourist visa; this is for a temporary stay or seeks to visit the country for a special duties.

Work visa; Canada assist those who receive a permanent offer of employment and requires assistance to obtain the license and approval of their hiring.

Sponsorship visa; introduced of current sponsorship programs and permanent residence which promote the reunion in Canada of people with relatives from abroad.

Business investors; this is for successful managerial experience and varying thresholds of personal net worth.

Family visa; used to reunite family members living abroad with their Canadian family.


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Work in Canada

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Global Visas is the one stop shop if you want to work in Canada. Over the past five years, this wonderful nation north of the USA has welcomed over one million new visa holders who made the bold decision to immigrate to Canada.
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Applying for an Australian Visa and Getting the Right Help

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Applying for an Australian Visa and Getting the Right Help


There are many individuals who want to go to Australia not merely to sightsee or vacation, but to actually work and reside there. Now, it is one important fact to know that applying for the necessary paperwork in order to get in a foreign country is not always as easy as planning or wanting it. Of course, one of the most basic things you would have to get approved for is the Australian visa.

In order to get an Australian visa, you would first, of course, need to send in an Australian visa application. This is not as easy as it seems because sending in an Australian visa application would require you to file all the necessary documents and even prove your eligibility to be approved. That would only be two of the basic things you need to accomplish before you can actually file for your needed visa. The filing process in itself can take much time. A person who is serious and determined to get approved should get all the necessary help so he or his family can achieve their goal of getting approved for an Australian visa. This help can come in the form of a reputable and trustworthy migration services company.

One good company to consider is Greys Migration Services. This firm can provide Australian visa assistance that includes Australian visa assessment for eligibility, preparation for the needed documents to be submitted and even the establishment of connection to businesses and commercial entities in Australia. In simple terms, this firm can help an individual apply and get approved for the visa by providing assistance, information and even step by step guidance. The firm is also recognized by many successful immigrants as really helpful in terms of Australian relocation. By obtaining the services of such a group, a person can be more informed as to the best pathways and methods so he can get approved, and also so he can ease in to the Australian personal, business or educational environment.

It is highly advisable that before a person applies for the needed visa, he should first get himself assessed for Australian visa eligibility. This is because there are many kinds of visas and the one which suits one’s application most can depend on many factors. The eligibility assessment Australia visa can be influenced by factors such as a person’s age, health, qualifications and other family already living or working in the country. Thus, it is important that a person does not simply plunge in to application without the needed guidance.

A person intending to work in Australia can also avail of an Australian work permit. Of course, if he wants to become a permanent resident in the country, then he would once again need to acquire the necessary visa. Aside from having the necessary work experience and credentials, he would also be required to take a skills assessment. It would be smart to read and understand FAQ Australian visa from the immigration website, but having someone to guide you is the best possible way. By not solely depending on the Australian visa bureau and one’s own determination, you can have better chances of getting approved if you have the right people to assist you in the entire process.

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Visa is a resemblance that the person has the right to enter into a certain country, which has given a visa. The authorization document is a stamp on the applicant`s passport. Some countries do not need a visa in certain cases, because of reciprocity agreements, but there are countries where a visa is generally needed and there are also separated visa conditions for example the validity period of a visa.

Visa is usually what people need when they plan their trip abroad. You can get a visa from any country which has an embassy and an immigration office. You need a visa if you move from one country to another, so if you are a frequent traveler you`ll need a visa each time, and you`ll find the application process very tough and time consuming.

There are many online visa websites which offer a variety of visa including tourist, business visas, and many more for you. Searching for this kind of services you can choose the most suitable. You can enjoy the best services, the most reliable and easy ones, if you know what provider to chose. You can travel in different part of the world if you obtain Saudi visa, Afghanistan visa, Egypt visa, Yemen visa, Mozambique visa, china visa and many more.

When we navigate on the Internet, we can find many services providing online visa that allow you to avoid long lines at immigration office and embassies. They can offer you French visa, Belgium visa, Bangladesh visa, Russian visa, Zimbabwe visa, Zambia visa, Vietnam visa, Tunisia visa and others. So if you intend to leave the country and want to avoid long lines and procedures for visa application, you shouldn`t worry anymore. With several clicks you get what you want.

And moreover visa application to these sites is so simple you just have to fill in some forms and submit the details and document they ask from you and once you have finish this process they will mail you your visa and you can enjoy your trip with full zeal and relief.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at these sites and decide which one is the best for you. These sites also offer some instant visa and also help you to know more about the judiciary details of various countries you are going to visit.


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