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June 13, 2011

Permanent Residence Application and Work Permit

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Niren Associates handles permanent residence application forms on behalf of its clients and represents individuals and families with family sponsorship application, skilled worker application and business immigration cases. Call us today: 1(866) 929-0991 We prepare the applications carefully to avoid rejection or undue delays. We monitor its progress to the Canadian embassy or immigration office to ensure that it’s being handled properly. We keep ourselves familiar with all new Canadian immigration rules and regulations.


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Canada Work Permit

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Canada Work Permit

People who want to gain work experience in a foreign country may, if they take appropriate measures to achieve this by working in Canada. The requirements are simple and require that the foreign worker to apply for and receive a job offer from a Canadian province.


For a foreign visitor to Canada to obtain employment, one must have a work permit of  Canada. This permit is applicable for almost any type of work, except for business and employment that meets the definition of “work”, placements and self-employment does not meet this definition.


Obtaining a work permit is specific to the entire country of Canada and each province. Foreign visitors planning to work in Quebec must also obtain a certificate of acceptance or Quebec CAQ for all work permit (see link in Resources).


If a temporary worker decides to apply for permanent residence in Canada, the work permit does not lead to permanent residence, although temporary workers with the required documents may apply for permanent residency for temporary worker status.


A person living temporarily in Canada can not legally work there just because they have a work permit in another country – they must apply for and receive Canada work permit. If the worker changes jobs while on temporary work permit of origin, he/she must obtain a new work permit to work on employment.

Imporatant Note

A temporary worker visa in Canada required that you must have a job offer before applying for a Canadian work permit, there ought to be a definite position required. If Person doesn’t have any job offer or want to work in Canada than he should think about immigrating to Canada.

Further information about Canada work permit and its requirement or worldwide immigration rules, visit:

This is julia Robert from California.Further information about Canada work permit and its requirement or worldwide immigration rules, visit:

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Becoming an American Citizen | Getting a green card and US Passport

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The INS is holding free sessions nationwide to all those interested in learning how to become a US Citizen. Here is a video presentation released to the public by the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service). Work Permit USA – Visa information for those seeking a US Work Visa. Details on how to obtain an H1B work visa. Information useful for anyone who would like to work in the USA legally.
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June 12, 2011

Work Permits in South Africa is now quite easy

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Work Permits in South Africa is now quite easy


Ever since the end of white rule in 1994, South Africa has been the heart land of immigration in Africa. Being the largest economy in the continent, one would rarely argue about the tough restrictions levied by the South African government on foreigners eager to work in the country. Recently the country has been experiencing a surge of neighboring Zimbabweans applying for work permit South Africa. The agency eliminates the process of you going through the tedious paperwork needed for securing a work permit South Africa.

You need to take precautions when applying for a work permit as it can be rejected by the government authorities on various counts. Also, once your application gets rejected the application procedure becomes more complicated during successive attempts. The best place is to improve your chances of getting a work permit South Africa would be to consult a reputed immigration services company that has a fantastic track record getting South Africa work permits for its customers. The immigration service gauge each and every work permits submission and completes all your documentation process to save you some time.

If you hail from neighboring Zimbabwe these Immigration South Africa agencies have special immigration services for you, they charge a nominal fee of less than R500 for each work permit application. These agencies have comprehensive websites and are very informative. They provide all the necessary details you need for securing a work permit in South Africa. They have well established client base and have helped thousands of people to go abroad and get a permit to work in South Africa. They have even made temporary residency available for scores of work permit seekers in the past. Applying for work permits South Africa is the best way to work in South Africa.

A lot foreign individuals who previously entered Immigration South Africa on a work permit have stayed permanently in the country. These temporary work permits are popularly called work visas. Living on work permit for a long time can lay the foundation for you to apply for South African Citizenship. After applying for a work permit, it generally takes not more three months for your visa application to get processed.

Remember, if you are flying by plane without a work permit, you may come under government scrutiny or may get stranded as work permits are issued at the South African Airport. When you enter Immigration South Africa remember that you enter the country on a visitors permit. Thus, you will have to get in touch with the regional office of the department of home affairs if you wish to apply for a work permit.

Most work permit seekers apply for permits through a reputed immigration services agency which has very good ties with the department of home affairs of Immigration South Africa. If you are applying for a work permit on someone else’s behalf, then you must inform the South African embassy, but do not have to go there personally. With a genuine service, you will find solutions to your immigration needs.

Andrew Ascot is the author of this article on Work Permit South Africa. Find more information about Immigration South Africa here.


June 11, 2011

Everything You Need to Know about Work Permits

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Everything You Need to Know about Work Permits

Article by Dave Poon


Not all jobs are created equal. A US citizen working in a any state in the country might not need to worry about obtaining a work permit, but there are instances when you will need one before you can officially go to your first day on a particular job.

Basically, a work permit is a document which authorizes a person to seek employment and hold down a job. This is not needed in every instance, especially for local employment, but if the employee is not a citizen of the country where he or she plans to work, then a work permit is required.

‘Local and Foreign Work Permits’

Here are the two basic types of working permits needed by an employee before formally attending the first day at work:

1. Teen Employment Working Permits

In most states in the US, working students are allowed to take a day job or a part time job while studying without the need to obtain a working permit. Working students are a common scenario because of the high costs of education these days.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule. The states of Illinois, Indiana and New York would require a minor employee who has a part time job to obtain a work permit, and meet the condition that the student must maintain satisfactory grades in high school.

This will ensure that the student will still be able to devote time to studying rather than trying to earn money without finishing college.

2. Working Permits Abroad

Most non-US citizens who would like to earn a living in the United States need to obtain a US working permit. The same applies to US citizens who want to work outside of the country. They need to obtain a working permit for the country where they wish to travel and work at the same time.

As compared to local working permits, a working permit for out-of-the-country employment is much more difficult to obtain.

Whether you choose to work in Europe, Australia, Canada or a country in Asia, you need to take into consideration the visa and work permit requirements and restrictions for that particular country.

If you have decided that you want to work and eventually retire in the country of your choice, here are some tips that you can follow:

– Make sure that the country that you choose to work in interests you.

Choosing to work in a foreign country may prove to be a challenge and fun at the same time. You should be prepared to learn about the local people, their culture, learn the language and adapt to their style of living.

– Check with the country’s embassy to gather more information about restrictions, health care and work permit requirements that you need to obtain if you want to work in a foreign country.

Make sure that all your paperwork is in order, including your passport, a visa, and the contracts that you need signed by the employer in the country of your choice.

Finally, before packing your bags and embarking on a work-abroad journey, make sure that you are fairly adaptable and you have the necessary work permits and other important documents to have a hassle-free instead of a worrisome time working in a country outside of the US.

About the Author

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes inthe latest in Human Resource. For more informationregarding Work Permit please drop by at



Canadian Working Visa and Canada Visa

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Canadian Working Visa and Canada Visa


Working permit for Canada can be obtained if you have an offer of employment before applying for your Canadian working visa. Canada seeks to attract temporarily skilled workers to fill the positions that Canadian employer are currently having difficulty to fill by a Canadian permanent resident. It is used on a temporarily basis only and on condition that you have been sponsored. Employers that need to skill shortage in Canada may seek to employ a foreign national by sponsoring a Canadian visa.

Your employer must take the following steps before applying for a Canadian working visa.

Your employer must first confirm your position is suitable to apply for a Canadian work visa by making an application to human resources development Canada (HRDC)

Must then offer you the confirmed position

Must then make an application to citizenship and immigration Canada for a work permit for Canada

You must note that not all employment offers will be considered and human resource development Canada’s role is to confirm that your position will be of benefit to the Canadian market and not to ruin Canadian citizen employment opportunities before an application can be considered. . Once the work is terminated you cannot continue to stay in Canada because Canada working visa is not transferable.

Canada is a land of opportunities and abounds with economic prosperity, and affordable education options, with health care and retirement schemes, abundance of land, clean air and fresh water supplies, providing for a safe and secure environment in Canada. Indeed, Canada’s esteemed stature is reflected in its being a member of the prestigious economic Group of Eight and its reputation as a respected participant in world affairs. This is why the Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly upgrading their programs to ensure that Canada visa and immigration is well successful, both for newcomers.

Canada visa are permitted temporarily through various employers sponsorship programs namely;

Skilled workers visa; it’s for people who seek to work and settle in Canada.

Study visa; Canada provides service assistance to prospect applicants willing to study in the country and able to get admission to the Canadian educational institution.

Tourist visa; this is for a temporary stay or seeks to visit the country for a special duties.

Work visa; Canada assist those who receive a permanent offer of employment and requires assistance to obtain the license and approval of their hiring.

Sponsorship visa; introduced of current sponsorship programs and permanent residence which promote the reunion in Canada of people with relatives from abroad.

Business investors; this is for successful managerial experience and varying thresholds of personal net worth.

Family visa; used to reunite family members living abroad with their Canadian family.


Francis is a professional SEM/SEO, article writer who writes on different niches.

Work in Canada

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Global Visas is the one stop shop if you want to work in Canada. Over the past five years, this wonderful nation north of the USA has welcomed over one million new visa holders who made the bold decision to immigrate to Canada.
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