Chameleon Circuit ~ The Doctor is Dying

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January 23, 2014

Chameleon Circuit ~ The Doctor is Dying

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This song gives me chills every time I listen to it (especially when he says “knock four times”) but you really need to have seen the episode to know what th…

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25 Responses to “Chameleon Circuit ~ The Doctor is Dying”

  1. Whovian Archive Says:

    Oh no! I stared into the Time Vortex, I will…… i dont like dis i dont
    want to go. 

  2. TheGreyLP Says:

    I think it was really sad,when David seemed to still be alive,and Wilfred
    then knocked on the glass four time… :(

  3. Emily Wallace Says:

    How they hid that, them sneaky fish fingers!

  4. Ace Shirosashi Says:

    “Till they bring back gallifrey” hmmmm was the 50th planed all those years
    ago? >:/

  5. Damien Rodriguez Says:

    47 people are Daleks

  6. Nightfang thetruethunderclanwarrior Says:

    Uhhh… Doctor? I just like the song dudes.

  7. Heather Kurle Says:

    great pic choices.

  8. alexis karalunas Says:

    Why did I like the Master so much? Not that way… Okay maybe a little.

  9. Emma Fertig Says:

    This is spectacular!!!!!! 

  10. kiara mcgillen Says:

    and i love the song

  11. grahanika Says:

    This is awesome!

  12. Claire Schultz Says:

    hannah sometimes i laugh because this keeps coming up on my related videos
    feed you’re famous

  13. izaro pastrana Says:

    i love doctor who

  14. nabs boyle Says:

    but it is sooooo sad 🙁 🙁 🙁
    go on you tube for more songs about doctor who 

  15. michael lucas Says:


  16. Rose Brown Says:

    It is so sad when he says “I don’t want to go.”

  17. peter mcgowan Says:

    I never saw the episode but I know what it’s about just like MLP I saw that
    and the fanfic Rainbow Factory

  18. Grace VandeWalle Says:

    IN THE FRIGGIN FEELS! (i had such a fan girl moment there…)

  19. Sara Moreau Says:

    I don’t want to go ;)

  20. kiara mcgillen Says:

    that was a really eventful episode 

  21. cosplay64 Says:

    How can you dislike anything Doctor Who related?! (if you can excuse Rose

  22. tazomad AMD Says:

    i hate how much i love this song ! :(

  23. vampiregameing Says:

    i like how at the end the lyrics sing backwards

  24. makayla klingele Says:

    i ♥ doctor who

  25. Isabelle Lorién Says:

    It both made me cry and scared me to bits !
    (i still hate his new face anyways)

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