Clinical Psychology Career Overview

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May 5, 2015

Clinical Psychology Career Overview

Filed under: Career — admin @ 10:33 am Interested in becoming a clinical psychologist? Watch this video to learn what a career in clinical psychology is really like….
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2 Responses to “Clinical Psychology Career Overview”

  1. Alyssa Colon Says:

    That’s my career goal

  2. skirts365 Says:

    “Oppositional defiance disorder” is 1 of countless “mental illnesses”
    they’ve invented & invent more daily. Black slaves who wanted to escape had
    “drapetomania” according to psychiatrist Samuel Cartwright & the NY Times
    said women in pants were suffering from “an attack of dress reform disease”
    (“transvestism” wasn’t invented till 1910) Only factory work in WW2 freed
    women from psychologists interference with their civil rights to wear
    pants, Greek soldiers today wear skirts, psychology = filth

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