Cool Careers: Chemical Engineer

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April 5, 2014

Cool Careers: Chemical Engineer

Filed under: Career — admin @ 11:51 am What’s it like to be a chemical engineer? Laura and Wade tell us all about their cool career.
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25 Responses to “Cool Careers: Chemical Engineer”

  1. M Azad Says:

    the music and graphics were so distracting

  2. Chris LEA Says:

    @Lemurai I don’t know where you’ve done you Chemical Engineer Bachelor, but
    here in Canada there no such thing as “memorizing ENDLESS chemical
    compounds”. Working hard on mathematical formula, learning and
    understanding physical and chemical phenomena, that’s what WE’ve been
    trained for. anyway, Chem eng. study rocks!

  3. kwang-won Chung Says:

    What major should I pick? Mechanical or electrical or chemical or

  4. @IQnotes Says:

    Chemical Engineer

  5. Hiiro Takako Says:

    @kamyll dawn cocon : yes, actually continuing in biomedical engineering
    would boost up your knowledge, title and salary! :)

  6. Badra Sid Says:

    I found a good site for cheap ebooks

  7. Gaurav Jhanwar Says:

    great video!! 

  8. Lemurai Says:

    OMG! Tons of sleepless nights. Sleepless days, memorizing ENDLESS chemical
    compounds, I should have just chosen to be a doctor and been done with it,
    that’s what I was thinking at the time before I graduated LOL! One thing I
    know, based on myself and others I graduated with is that you don’t have to
    be a certified genius to become an engineer, just determined and have some
    kind of pride in what you do! However if you are American i’d recommend
    moving overseas for better opportunities.

  9. @IQnotes Says:

    ▶ Cool Careers: Chemical Engineer – YouTube

  10. علي قاسم العبادي Says:

    I am a chemical engineer from iraq < in iraq , chemical engineering is failure

  11. Hopeinthehalflight Says:

    Is doing presentations part of the job? 😀

  12. Mitt Rmoney Says:

    But doesn’t it require a lot of energy in the form of hydrocarbons to grow
    and maintain the plants?

  13. craqqer Says:

    Cool animations

  14. Morain42 Says:

    or maybe you were just a failure, I don’t see how an entire field of
    engineering could be a failure

  15. kamyll dawn cocon Says:

    can you suggest some preferable masters degree program to take up after you
    finished BS Chemical Engineering?

  16. mikemer79 Says:

    dont tell fool things

  17. Kayjaybaby Says:

    i love your definition of chemical engineering! haha. my own interest in
    chemical engineering is alternative energy. =)

  18. herp derp Says:

    Starting salary: $67,500. Mid career: $111,000.

  19. 1995a1995z Says:

    Can someone please tell me what the salary is like for being a chemical

  20. EngSami_89 Says:

    “Someone who knows Enough mechanics to confuse a chemist, Enough Chemistry
    to confuse a mechanic and Enough math to confuse himself.” Brilliant, I
    wouldn’t have put it in any other way.

  21. Sanket Kelkar Says:

    Engineering a way of thinking/living… so true

  22. Magdiel Sifuentes Says:

    U guys helped me with a project thx kepp up th egood work

  23. queens queen Says:


  24. mous19911 Says:

    I’m wondering if they can make something to get u really fucked up

  25. marck gusty Says:

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