Dartmouth Acceptance Letter

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May 5, 2011

Dartmouth Acceptance Letter

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Thank you guys!
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9 Responses to “Dartmouth Acceptance Letter”

  1. timmybalice Says:

    Yep…It was an April Fools joke last year…and I couldn’t remember it was Hanover…lol

  2. jared393 Says:


  3. scbaldwin13 Says:

    @dazedandconfusd oh snap you got me! it is Dartmouth College… I should have known because I applied there!

  4. dazedandconfusd Says:

    @scbaldwin13 isn’t it Dartmouth College

  5. scbaldwin13 Says:

    i was skeptical as soon as you started saying it like “University of Dartmouth,” instead of Dartmouth University… haha and plus most people would say I’m going to Hanover instead of NH because it’s probably more well known because of Dartmouth

  6. timmybalice Says:

    @omizm313 No lenses at all in them. That is why there is no glare.

  7. Jadu4ever9 Says:

    i. love. you. lmaoo!!! i was about to type CONGRATS to you, till i saw the end of the video lol

  8. timmybalice Says:

    There are no lenses in it. lol. They are old sun glasses that I popped the lenses out.

  9. omizm313 Says:

    is there prescription in those frames or are they just frames with reg. lenses? There seem to be no glare from your screen in them so I was just wondering.

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