Design Our Future- A Career in Engineering (Promo for ACEC-CA)

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February 8, 2014

Design Our Future- A Career in Engineering (Promo for ACEC-CA)

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Promotional video exposing high-school students to the benefits of a career in engineering. Written/Directed by Justin Viar for Next Movement Entertainment (…

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17 Responses to “Design Our Future- A Career in Engineering (Promo for ACEC-CA)”

  1. Ernesto Huerta Says:

    chick is hot

  2. ImtheScatManJJ Says:

    @tepsicool not with those speaking skills

  3. thedragonsaver Says:

    oh yeah im in MESA class baby

  4. Victor Figueroa Says:

    wow!!this video is very good, make me want to get into engineering even
    more now!!! this video rocks. great format!

  5. lovelplants Says:

    yep, they’re really the massive achievements around us.. we 0love to
    encounter and solve difficult problems and never scared to do it.. LOL..

  6. Wufnu Says:

    The courses aren’t THAT hard. I’ve put in plenty of 12 hour study days but
    that’s exceptional, not ordinary. If you have to study 12 hours a day to
    understand the material then you’ve likely picked the wrong profession. The
    education is probably the easiest and least complicated part of being an
    engineer. They are the basics, after all.

  7. bLaZe0kid Says:

    Here I come, power solutions is my path

  8. iLOVENATURE2011 Says:

    a very inspiring and CONVINCING promotional ad ever… =)

  9. EngStaffBluprnt Says:

    Thank you for coming up with engineering related videos. I hope we can grow
    more relevant and educational alternative engineering videos online.

  10. hcxninja Says:

    very inspiring

  11. Jim Jon Says:

    good vid, make me happy to be a surveyor

  12. Stephen Inovejas Says:

    sumday il be da one

  13. tygiants24 Says:

    this video rocks!!!!!

  14. tygiants24 Says:

    not kidding etheir

  15. Nitsuga Areliuga Says:

    if u read this u are stupid 😀

  16. ErinLouiseCearley Says:

    This vid fails to remark on the rigorous schooling involved! Not so
    glamourous to be studying 12-14 hours a day (including weekends)…

  17. Nitsuga Areliuga Says:

    if u read this u are stupid 😀

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