Designing an Effective Technical Resume

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July 3, 2011

Designing an Effective Technical Resume

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Designing an Effective Technical Resume

Article by Jennie Gandhi


Designing an effective technical resume is the most significant step required to get your foot into your desired field. The resume should outline all your credentials and capabilities including your educational qualification and your job history. It should be so well organized and effectively written that it successfully grabs the attention of the potential employer in less than a minute. The framework of the technical resume should be such that the employer can learn your relevant qualities in just a glance.

When it comes to writing a technical resume, the resume should highlight words and phrases like networking, software, hardware, programming, and computing. If in the case you are applying for a technical writer position then you need to highlight phrases like writing reports, software manuals, white papers, pamphlets, and research reports. If the job position caters to a research laboratory then words like scientific research and knowledge laboratory instruments help entice the employers. Depending on the type of technical job you have to clearly and carefully highlight your relevant skills and talents to get start your career move.

Design your technical resume in an elegant way. On the top most mention your name, followed by your contact details, and date of birth in the subsequent lines. Your personal details should be clearly written and easily visible.

Then, think about your skills and abilities that you feel are most significant for a technical job. Using these skills, design a small objective defining your proficiency and valuable contributions you have made in your previous jobs.

Following the technical objective, you can smartly list all your technical expertise under a new section. You can head this section as ‘Summary of Skills’ or ‘Technical Expertise’. In this section you can divide your skills, talents, knowledge, and capabilities under various subheads. For example, you can create a subhead as ‘Networking’ wherein you can list down the specific programs and application you know about networking. Similarly you can create various subheads like programming, computing, research, and knowledge of scientific instruments. If in case you find this section to be too lengthy then it will be wise to design a separate sheet for your ‘Technical Expertise’.

Then, list your employment history starting from the most recent job to your present job. List the name of the company you have worked for along with your job title and the tenure of your job. Under each job position, list your job responsibilities and significant achievements in bullets.

After the job history give a brief about your educational qualifications. Highlight all the relevant technical courses that you have done. Also mention the list of seminars and trainings you have attended during any of your course semester.

Furthermore, you can end your technical resume by writing your accomplishments in either your job tenure or during our education. This will make your resume more powerful and compelling.

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