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May 16, 2011

EA Marketing & Sales Careers

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This is a basic overview of Marketing & Sales roles at EA and the skills needed to be a success.

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7 Responses to “EA Marketing & Sales Careers”

  1. GodlessInfinity Says:

    You see that image at 25 second in. That represents everything that EA has betrayed. That represents what EA sold out on it’s rise to the top. That represents what EA is not. That’s a fossil of a great company that once existed, but was killed by it’s own corporatism.

  2. GodlessInfinity Says:

    Ironic that they have that classic old article in the background given how low EA marketing has sunk over the years. I mean seriously EA, your Dead Space 2 commercials and this lie you’re building around them, you’re telling your audience that they’re all a bunch of stupid losers who live with their moms and will decide what’s cool based on their mother’s reactions. Worse you’re marketing an M rated game to minors, and you’re so caught up in your own propaganda you can’t separate it from reality

  3. GodlessInfinity Says:

    Please take a moment to look up Extra Credits: An Open Letter to EA Marketing

  4. tien714 Says:

    wow cool I want to work for EA sports in marketing.

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  6. Colbert654 Says:

    very interesting, thanks.

  7. jugneesha Says:

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