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February 3, 2012

Graphic Design: Careers & Logos

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Graphic Design: Careers & Logos : How to Design a Logo

Careers in graphic design

Designing a logo is a collaborative effort between the designer and the company, and several drafts are usually drawn up to incorporate different color schemes, design elements and styles. Create a logo that acts as a company’s signature and identity with helpful tips from an accomplished graphic designer in this free video on graphic design.
Expert: Terri Sileno Bio: Terri Sileno is an accomplished graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience.
Filmmaker: Kefa Olang

Keywords: Graphic Design, Careers, Logos.

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26 Responses to “Graphic Design: Careers & Logos”

  1. Egeenz Says:

    I am lookin for a graphic designer for my CSS clan. Please add me skype to talk! I can also pay if ur work is good.

  2. tubej17 Says:

    I think she did a good job at telling exactly what one does before the final logo is finished with the client. Simple is always better.

  3. Apjooz Says:

    You know these videos are old when she tells about how the work can be done on a computer…now everything is done on a computer.

  4. sndlucky Says:

    She’s telling the ri8 process, ri8 approach 2 design a Logo. Doesn’t matter which year she did that Logo. It’s simple and effective.

  5. apenneukende Says:

    a 10 year old logo… don’t you have any more recent ones?

  6. algrayce Says:

    Does she really design on that thing? That computer seriously has to be from the early 90s. I’m confused.

  7. algrayce Says:

    Does she really design on that thing? That computer seriously has to be from the early 90s. I’m confued.

  8. daflyest11 Says:

    wat does she keep lookin at?

  9. xXTr4deM4rkXx Says:

    This videos old, but take it from me, im a pro gamer, website designer, AND graphic designer. Im pro at video games, but amature in html/website design and graphic design. I use adobe photoshop cs5. I design logos for people on craigslist!

  10. pattigeeful Says:

    More responses from the untalented.

  11. whatitistoburn7 Says:

    it is, what she sais is that its good if you make a few examples for your client, and that the logo should have a simple look, telling right on what its about.

  12. CadiIIacPat Says:


    All of her client’s need a major refund.

    and an apology for posing as a graphic designer!!

  13. texastame Says:


    Umm dudes its not a PC its a Mac, PowerPC, that is the fishtank from OS 8

  14. Soppie69 Says:

    this isn’t useful…

  15. thojyout23 Says:

    what you desinging an atari game in the backgorund…get real.

  16. zmation Says:

    hmm intersetin hmmmmmm if u mark as spam u shall die frum a pencil down the throght

  17. etherbeing Says:

    I feel it really sucks for people with no talent to be so call designer or artist. Over the years I’ve seen too many designs that was done by the computer more that the person posing as a designer or artist. It seems the computer does 70% of the work and the designer do 30%. How can you tell a designer with true talent? Computers made it too easy for anyone to become a Graphic Designer. Well if you a true artist you will inner-stand this comment. Creativity is scarce these days. What Happen?

  18. izzysophie Says:

    the sound for your computer is distracting

  19. malazt Says:

    is that a virtual fish tank?lolz

  20. radicalnation Says:

    If by “variety” she means “different colors of swirl,” then yeah. Definitely. Wow. I’m amazed.

  21. justsaybobby Says:

    How much would you charge or how do you determine your prices for your clients?

  22. OpenFirmwareROM Says:

    It’s a Power Macintosh G3. 1997-1999 timeframe.

    And no, 800MHz was around 2001-2002.

  23. JimiTuber Says:

    Just because the logo’s been used for 10 years, doesn’t make it a timeless design. That “swoop” was beat, even 10 years ago. Also, learn about the company, do your market research and identify your client’s competition BEFORE you go into your meeting. Potential clients appreciate your interest and extra effort.

  24. intentionallyidiotic Says:

    because she might be able to rise beyond basic gradients and poorly rasterized typefaces

  25. TroyAndBob Says:

    my local news paper still uses 98 because the software wont work n any other version.

  26. Cover Letter Says:

    […] your cover letter introduces you and your CV […]

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