How To Apply For a Work Permit in Canada – Canadian Immigration

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May 7, 2011

How To Apply For a Work Permit in Canada – Canadian Immigration

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Work in Canada: This video explains how to apply for a Canadian work permit in 6 easy steps. 1. Look into the application processing times The amount of processing time is affected by where you have applied. To ensure that the process is expedited, you can: -make certain that all the appropriate information is filled out on your application -inform the visa office of any changes to the information on your application -submit clear and legible photocopies and documents -submit certified English or French translations of documents, if necessary -apply from a country where you are a citizen or a permanent resident At the same time, if it is necessary for the visa office to take extra steps when dealing with your application, then the processing time will be extended. This could happen if: -your application indicates criminal or security issues -your family situation is vague due to an event, such as a divorce or an incomplete adoption or an unresolved child custody situation -the local visa office needs to confer with other Citizenship and Immigration offices in Canada or in other countries -a medical examination is necessary 2. Acquire an application package All the necessary forms and a guide to filling out the application are in the package. Prior to filling in the application, you need the following: -a written job offer from your employer -evidence that you meet the job requirements (such as proof of a specific level of education or past work
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