How to Get a Job in Video Games – Gaming Jobs – Tips from the Game Industry

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January 11, 2014

How to Get a Job in Video Games – Gaming Jobs – Tips from the Game Industry

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Tips from professionals on getting a job in the games industry, with advice for aspiring artists, testers, animators, designers, writers, programmers and stu…
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25 Responses to “How to Get a Job in Video Games – Gaming Jobs – Tips from the Game Industry”

  1. Chandan Prasad Says:

    what is the difference between game programmer and game designer 

  2. lXShadowGirlXl Says:

    Hi, I’m a girl whose on the pathway of choosing courses. I have 2 courses
    that the school offered to me. Game design & development and Electronic
    engineering. I can draw and also love to draw and play games. I’m a
    hardcore gamer and play games such as Halo or Minecraft. I have also
    created a mini game during school programs. I enjoy making my first game.
    To put the backgrounds, Musics, all sorts of stuffs. But a lot ppls says
    it’s hard to find jobs for game related jobs and u get to pay low and work
    for many hours. But I have a huge passion for it. But however due to
    financial problem I have also need to consider the salary. But I have
    Always wanted to do game design or even programming. I just don’t know if I
    should choose computer engineering or game design & development……. I’m
    like stuck of what should I choose…. Can anyone suggest anything? I just
    don’t know what to do…

  3. Shramper Says:

    As a current Game Development student for 2-3 years so far, I can say a
    majority of what these professionals say is not only true, but is taught in
    my current program.

    Make a game people. Don’t get into QA (game testing), and don’t strive to
    design games until you’ve been in the industry for at least 10 years.

  4. 5XXS Says:

    check out my channel

  5. Chris Adams Says:

    Just wanted to share a brief story with you guys, I recently decided I had
    to start looking for work if I wanted to be succesful in life and I have
    been looking through so many different guides to play video games and make
    money spending 100’s maybe even 1000’s of dollars and not making any money.
    Well that all changed when I read this guide it has changed my life forever
    and I am so grateful that I now can game and make money.

  6. pikachuu2 Says:

    im the chinese guy at 9.22 yay!

  7. m0dm0use Says:

    Awesome work, this answered so many questions including who was it I spoke
    to at the Sega stand in the games biz fair so an extra thank you for that :
    D Trouble is mods can be seen as reverse engineering and this can be
    illegal and doesn’t get you noticed, and also finding game breaking bugs
    and publishing those I’m talking Halo 2 early on way before youtube had a
    lot of videos on game bugs doesn’t get noticed even with 1UP publishing my
    videos some years ago, making a game is my next step.

  8. Reece Kilmer Says:

    What can I do since I’m 13

  9. ehab alheis Says:

    i’m from NORTH AFRICA LIBYA i always loved gaming maybe too much at the
    beginning my fave gaming providers are PS and PC ps has the games PC has
    the power i’m excited for next gen consoles i think it’s an amazing piece
    of hardware and software art form hopefully i get to have a job at Sony and
    some beta game testing to make the game smoother for ppl like me and become
    involved with the gaming industry

  10. Dalibor Josovic Says:

    FACEBOOK: Start Making $ 500 – 3,500 Per Month Playing New Games

  11. Joseph Spills Says:

    Where were the tips for getting in as a programmer…

  12. Video Game Tester Jobs Says:

    this is interesting for people who want to work from home

  13. Recoil86UKCM Says:

    One question you didnt answer! How does one go about getting a job at
    Outside Xbox???

  14. cymk Says:

    I’m sure there’s some really good info on careers in the gaming industry
    here but I just can’t get past how HOT Jane Douglas is. Totally distracts
    me from what they’re saying.

  15. limakGaming Says:

    What Chet Faliszek said and his talk is probably most applicable to
    programmers/designers. Download a copy of Unity/UDK/GameMaker whatever and
    just make something.

  16. Noah Bench Says:

    make mods. make games. do something that gets noticed

  17. Jamy Ean Says:


  18. SFZXE Says:

    is that the same James Swallow as the one that writes for warhammer?

  19. john james Says:

    love this video!! if you wanna make your video go viral go for

  20. Justin Altrogge Says:

    aubrey plaza!!

  21. Dchasindreams Says:

    Damn i wish i was white may b i could do this :/

  22. TOBI10795 Says:

    wut ?

  23. stingermk2 Says:

    yes he is Nemesis and Flight of The Eisenstien are so far my favourites in
    the Horus Heresy series (just finished Nemesis) so i am quite the fan of
    his work

  24. LegoM007 Says:

    I would think the best thing would be diving into some code and try to
    understand it. If you feel coding is right for you then continue with it
    and make something. However, if coding is not your speed, then start
    looking at Adobe Flash, game salad, etc. and try to make a simple game
    using free programs. There’s a lot you can do, especially at your age, but
    you have to be explorative.

  25. Trulz21 Says:

    Thank for for this video; really inspire me how to approach the videogame
    development process. Greetings from Colombia South America, please keep the
    great work. Pd: Sorry for my bad English

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