Make your job search easy with effective technical resume

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July 6, 2011

Make your job search easy with effective technical resume

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Make your job search easy with effective technical resume


For any company, quality of product is very important and this quality can only be provided by technical staff of the company. That’s why, a technical person in a company whether he is a technical manager, technical programmer or having any other technical qualifications, has his unique importance. To maintain good quality of its product, a company always is need of excellent and experienced technical professionals.

For searching a good job as a technical person, first thing that you have to do is to make an excellent resume. You must know and understand that the employer is a very busy person and get volume of resumes for a single position.  So, most of the employers can give a maximum of 30 seconds to view a resume. As resume is the first thing that tells about your qualifications and personality and can impress the employer to hire you, so you should make your resume in a very effective manner.

Resume writing is not an easy task but it is very crucial to your job hunting success and writing a resume for a technical person is slightly different from standard resume. The main qualities that an employer wants to have in his technical staff are excellent technical skills, communication skills, leadership qualities, etc. So, your technical resume must be such that it should represent all these skills. By knowing the proper format, you can make an effective resume.

Just like format of standard resume, a technical resume should also have name, address and phone number of job seeker centered at the top of paper. Give your present address and phone number as this the way by which employers can contact you. Below that state a brief and clear goal your life that is motivating you to apply for that job.

After this add the most important heading of a technical resume entitled “Summery of skills”. List all your technical skills in this section and make subheadings like “Computing skills”, “Programming skills”, etc under this heading. Make use of bullets to define your skills and if you have so many skills then you can make a separate page for this section. Another important section is of the previous employment details. List your recent employment history and projects that you have done in your last company. If you are having more than 5 years of experience and have so many previous projects, then only specify the latest project and also give a brief introduction about them. Mention the project that is related with the present job opening.

After this, mention your technical training if you had in your previous company. This section should include formal training, certifications and your qualifications. Also mention your achievements and the appreciation you got for your work from the previous employer. At the end give the list of references and include their phone numbers and address so that the hiring company can contact your references easily.

The technical resume should be informative and short. You can get more help about technical resume writing by logging on to the website On this website, you can find so many useful tips about technical resume writing and templates of the technical resumes for different technical persons. This will help you to make your technical resume in better way and in proper format.


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