Modeling Tips : How to Begin a Modeling Career

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February 6, 2014

Modeling Tips : How to Begin a Modeling Career

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The first steps to beginning a modeling career include finding someone to take pictures for a portfolio that can be sent to modeling agencies. Take a variety…
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18 Responses to “Modeling Tips : How to Begin a Modeling Career”

  1. dale723cutegirl Says:

    thanks for all your video post it really help a lot. …

  2. Femkay x Says:


  3. xXDeFuelXx Says:

    Look at Jackson Rathbone. He was in a proactive commercial for like, a
    split millasecond, and now he’s Jasper Cullen in the Twilight Saga Movies.
    She gives great advice, makes you realise. 😀

  4. Kaitlyn Shreves Says:

    This is so helpful thanks

  5. Raj Kumar Says:

    liked all ur ideas, so helpful,cheers

  6. Erica Razzano Says:

    I got re-jected by a modeling agency because my pictures were’nt that good.
    But ever since i watched this video it helps me a lot. And now i dont feel
    so down on my self from getting re-jected. so now im going to try again and
    see what happens this time. Thank you so much. You help me a lot. =)

  7. SwimmerGal161718 Says:

    @YourFriendCarmen how young ?

  8. xoxonkittikxoxo Says:

    @YourFriendCarmen I’m a 14 year old girl; 5’10” and 120 pounds. The thing I
    would suggest to you (If you haven’t already found something) listen to the
    radio. I found out about modeling auditions and talent scouts that would be
    in my part of town from the radio. I’m going on the 29th. (: wish me luck!
    And good luck to you too!

  9. mia linda Says:

    are u a model?

  10. usnavywilson Says:


  11. miissemogurl Says:

    @WalkThroughHell17 well im like dat too except im 5’0″ and iapplyed on the
    internate for modeling with sum modeling agency just google up your city
    and den put modeling agency then click on sum read what they do and look at
    their pics. if dey have any then apply online or contact them…..wish me
    luck im waiting for one of their calls

  12. DazzleDust08 Says:

    this is sooooo helpful, thnks very much x

  13. YourFriendCarmen Says:

    I want to be a model, but I’m so young. How will this work? Please help.

  14. Cilla J Says:

    I have a question. For your modeling portfolio do you put them all in a
    book of some sort? Or do you send them in separately? Thanks:)

  15. blakebymharris Says:

    where are you from, these photos don’t say New York. Are you referring to
    Models in the West?

  16. SmileyChick46102 Says:

    I’m definitley looking into being a model. I’m from South Jersey, I’m 14
    years old, a Freshman in Highschool, I’m a skinny stick (85 pounds[Russian
    genes. 🙂 100% Russian.) My teeth are perfect now too. 🙂 Any modeling
    agency’s that anyone can suggest??

  17. SwimmerGal161718 Says:

    @xoxonkittikxoxo wow great size ! 🙂 lucky girl 🙂 haha. good luck with
    modelling ! best thing is to grab your parents (since you’re only 14 still)
    and head to an agency, itll do you well if you’re already that tall at your
    age !

  18. Femkay x Says:

    Can you be a face model?:) & how to look for an agency? x

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