My Career in IT (Part 1)

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January 27, 2014

My Career in IT (Part 1)

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Hey All, I am so SORRY to say that this is yet another LONG video. I wish I knew how to share a short story, but I do not. However, someone asked me to share…
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8 Responses to “My Career in IT (Part 1)”

  1. eformationqueen Says:

    @tgainerjennings Wow, what an AWESOME compliment! Well, this will be my
    motivation to keep doing what I am doing! Feel free to offer show ideas!
    Take Care & Be Blessed!

  2. eformationqueen Says:

    @dmclamb2 Cool. Thanks! I never thought anyone would be interested in this.
    Well, there is definitely plenty more where that came from! Stay tuned! 🙂

  3. eformationqueen Says:

    @newcheveu That process can be very intimidating, but if you breathe,
    listen and focus on how you might leverage them, it becomes a little
    easier. I am not saying I wasn’t sweating bullets at the time. The story
    you are hearing is the one that comes after making it through the process!
    Glad you are interested! I shall pick up where I left off next week! Thanks!

  4. tgainerjennings Says:

    I feel like your talking directly to me, I’m here agreeing and listening.
    This is my reality show.

  5. Dee Nyla Says:

    I wanted to ask you this as well. This is good stuff.

  6. newcheveu Says:

    I hate the 5 people interview . It’s very interests.continue with the story.

  7. Kelly Allen Says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I really needed to hear this. I have my
    Associates Degree in Information Systems Network Security. I am looking to
    get back into college for the 2012 fall semester. I am currently going
    through a military discharge from the Navy (an honorable discharge with a
    secret security clearance) and I will be job hunting. My home is in
    Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am currently stationed in Chicago, IL.

  8. Kelly Allen Says:

    For some reason I have been doubting myself with going back to college and
    being able to find a job once I get back home. I know I will be looked over
    for positions because I don’t have a Bachelors Degree. But you have given
    me inspiration. I would take any advice that you are willing to offer. This
    is only the 2nd video that I’ve watched of you. And I get the mentor vibe
    coming from you with this video. Thank you again for sharing because I
    really needed it.

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