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December 19, 2013

My Financial Career

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An animated film based on Stephen Leacock’s witty account of a young man’s first brush with banking. When he tries to make his deposit, he is so intimidated …

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21 Responses to “My Financial Career”

  1. Antedon Bifida Says:

    Yes, banks were still “new-fangled” to most people in the late 1800s who
    distrusted them…maybe not such a bad idea considering how rich they’ve
    become…Stephen Leacock was a professor of political science & political
    economics so he knew all about it! Thanks 🙂

  2. Zoë Adamson Says:

    Thank gosh this is on here I forgot my booklet for this in my locker

  3. Zoë Adamson Says:

    Thank god this is on here. I forgot my booklet of the short story in my
    locker and I have homework about it.

  4. Martin Buck Says:

    My Financial Career — still relevant after all these years. Thank-you
    Stephen Leacock.

  5. SkydanceShinigami Says:

    Love it. :3

  6. MyCowDied Says:


  7. metalspector Says:

    Did anyone else see the other not so obvious conclusion. When he was
    withdrawing all the money from the bank, the other rich depositors around
    him go scared and were thinking of withdrawing their money too. Once the
    protagonist accidentally said he wanted to withdraw in 50s, the other
    depositors must have reaffirmed themselves that he was a very rich person
    and knew something was wrong with the bank. Also, you can see that the
    clerk is very nervous, and he tried to finish conv. with soft voice

  8. wcambra Says:


  9. OldeSchoole1948 Says:

    I saw this piece on an American PBS program called “The Great American
    Dream Machine” back in the late 1960s, I think. I’d never seen it since
    then, but i always remembered it. So here it is posted on YouTube, all
    these years later. Thanks.

  10. Nyaots Says:

    The best thing is how the voice really keeps you listening. It really
    reminds the viewer of awkward situations he’s been in, and how he thinks
    about them. The animation perfectly compliments the humble, trivial point
    of the film.

  11. metalspector Says:

    Continuing the prev. post, once he leave the bank, the man thinks he’s
    hearing everyone laughing. In reality, it’s the furor of the bank scare he
    caused that’s going on in the bank. Also, the allusion to the Rothschild
    (when the manager think he’s one) could also strengthen this bank scare
    theory (given the involvement of Nathan Rothschild in the Waterloo/British
    Stock Exchange scandal).

  12. drdm68 Says:

    Narration and animation go perfect together. One of NFB’s best! Thank you
    for making this available!

  13. Adam La Forest Says:

    “and the 6?” “in sixes”

  14. Scharysir Says:

    How to download it ? This is very fine.

  15. cluecluefinder Says:

    I’ve watched this twice now, and i still love it.

  16. ibporknbean Says:

    nice1 Poetic

  17. unc371 Says:

    I remember in my youth renting the 16mm movie of this film from my library
    and showing it to my brothers and sister way back in the 60’s. I am glad I
    found it again. I love it.

  18. RealKeenan Says:

    smart man

  19. williamTV100 Says:

    I like the short, very interesting!

  20. jayoori1 Says:

    First comment. BRILLIANT!

  21. destructo68 Says:

    Wow, I want 6 minutes and 42 seconds of my life back. Count me nonplussed.

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