natalie reading her college acceptance letter!

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May 3, 2011

natalie reading her college acceptance letter!

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8 Responses to “natalie reading her college acceptance letter!”

  1. funnyvideomaker Says:

    Wake forest u moron

  2. emppanda Says:

    i think it was lake forest

  3. Vicymorgan Says:

    That would be pretty for a rejection letter

  4. simpleasthat1000 Says:

    Just go to 0:27 directly … LMAO at her monkey-like reaction …

  5. SFGiantsforlife1 Says:

    what school was it?

  6. ToxicSeth Says:

    lol your so cute.
    that reaction is so adorable.

  7. chichilista Says:

    thats a chanel lol

  8. itouch1010 Says:

    Hahaha nice coach bag lucky

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