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February 10, 2014

Peter Lik Fine Art Photography – Careers

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25 Responses to “Peter Lik Fine Art Photography – Careers”

  1. Elferoz1959 Says:

    Peter Lik has sold lots of pictures not because he is a great photographer,
    is because he is a great salesman

  2. gavin busby Says:

    +robbish7 I grew up in the same place this guy was from and believe me
    there is not much oppurtunity… This guy is one of the best in his field
    because he has worked hard for what he does and its also his passion! I
    also know he started with absolutely nothing.. It was just him in his van
    following his passion. And your comment is ridiculous! You can not compare
    photographers because everybody has there own individual style, The only
    thing that comes down to it is peoples personal preference.. As for the
    printing, Who gives a shit? What do expect him to do when he has so much
    demand for his work? sit there and hand print every Image Himself? The
    printing also has nothing to do with the photographer! They are still his
    Images and his creative talent..

  3. Descendent250 Says:


    sorry, had a moment after watching this. such a joke.

  4. Awakened Anhedonic Says:

    His “top secret printing process” looks like Ff printed with a Lj if you
    know what I mean. I don’t want to ruin it for him.

  5. robbish7 Says:

    “one of the most important artists of the 21st century”, who the heck is
    this guy??? this video is obviously self made… btw im not saying that his
    photos don’t worth shit, they are good but they are not that
    special…there are much bigger names in landscape photography than this
    arrogant prick who has factory for printing his shit…

  6. Dr. Jose E. Fernandez Says:

    this is passion doing what you love most

  7. Abe Zilla Says:

    He is the best in my opinion!

  8. pushpin127 Says:

    All of your photos are so incredible. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  9. nagualdesign Says:

    Silly me, I should have said ‘Who gives a toss if Ronnie Wood likes it’. Or
    anyone else for that matter (hence me glossing over the caption). Just show
    me the pictures and let me make up my own mind, thanks. And yes, I do know
    what it takes. I think they’re amazing panoramas. I just don’t think 11
    seconds of seeing them needs to be padded out with 9 minutes of
    autofellatio. Just my opinion, like. 😉

  10. Bob Smith Says:

    Passion with clarity is focus. If you don’t believe in you, why should
    anyone else. I don’t see his ego excluding anyone. He just knows what makes
    life work for him. People who don’t have it usually knock it.

  11. Shane Goldberg Says:

    Peter is a legend, very inspiring guy and amazing work! 🙂 keep it up Peter.

  12. nagualdesign Says:

    I’m pretty much retarded. Either that or I didn’t know what the video was
    going to be before I watched it. I do tend to wander from video to video on
    YouTube. I don’t always like what I see. Thanks for the pointer to their
    website though. 🙂

  13. curliegirlie7412 Says:

    I <3 Peter, his work is absolutely breathe taking! I only can pray to take
    one picture in my lifetime as beautiful as his. He truly is a gifted man!
    Keep up the great work Peter, you ROCK!!

  14. Fred Dy Says:

    This guy is a truly amazing photographer he is very gifted in what he does
    and if any one says it is not then you know nothing about art or photography

  15. lsi624 Says:

    Anyone can replicate these images…with enough time and hardware

  16. Chris Quijano Says:

    this is success!

  17. Brad Ritchie Says:

    I’m really impressed by the quality of every shot and every location is

  18. Brotmaschine08 Says:

    I dont know wny other photographer who is that in love with himself.

  19. Overxpossed Says:

    You can. Just give a fuck to those who says you cannot.

  20. nagualdesign Says:

    Five of his landscape shots were shown at 6:25, the rest is autofellatio
    IMO. The work should, and does, speak for itself. Who gives a toss if Keith
    Richards likes it. :-/

  21. King Papou Kokosiko Says:

    lol Wow if you ever have a chance you should visit one of his gallery. He
    puts more into his pictures than great techniques, it like a sport to him,
    he command his shots, he doesn’t go for the shot that is available, he
    forces the play. I can write a book on this guy. Just check his site lik
    perirod com

  22. tom Says:

    I wish I could do what my passion says to do

  23. LivingTheVanLife Says:

    Thats pretty much a retarded comment! Do you have any clue what it takes to
    capture these images? Keith Richards? If you were paying any bit of
    attention you would have read the caption and seen it was not Keith
    Richards he was with.

  24. cregner Says:

    Peter lik is pretty good photographer i think i been to his two store one
    at las vegas and today at la jolla calif. He captures awesome pictures but
    there’s one thing i won’t buy his picture frames not that it’s pricey it’s
    the image quality. As a photographer we see what mistakes photographer
    makes and especially editing and printing images. If you spend tens of
    thousands of dollars on a poster size frame it should be perfect not too
    much pixel, blurry or way too edited where it ruined the pic.

  25. LivingTheVanLife Says:

    Well not exactly sure why you would watch YouTube if all you wanted to see
    was photos. They have a website for viewing photos if that’s all you want.

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