Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Pros & Cons

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February 24, 2014

Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Pros & Cons

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The good and bad things about being a pharmacist both involve working with people because although some wonderful relationships develop many people are there…
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25 Responses to “Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Pros & Cons”

  1. peer zada suhail Says:

    watch it

  2. absurd207 Says:

    yeah yeah whatever, where do you keep the good drugs?

  3. rlmurph1080 Says:

    Worked in a pharmacy for 1 year. Most pharmacists, pharmacy students and
    pharmacy techs are unintelligent. I’m not sure if its because the
    pharmacists I worked with were in their late 20’s having just finished
    school and inexperienced in life.

  4. hanni6022 Says:

    I want have sex with the pharmacist in the video

  5. jasmitsingh1993 Says:

    I want to study Pharmacy without doing the job of pharmacist 🙁

  6. wweandtna12 Says:

    @truazn100 I’m in the exact same position as you, engineering looks good
    but it doesn’t pay as well 😛 just saying I see how you feel

  7. UAa320 Says:

    totally bro I plan on pursuing this career

  8. Kyle Enriquez Says:

    Same here, a little bit on the engineering though. People see them like as

  9. MzBaddPinky Says:

    @sailornaruto39 of course

  10. dargay Says:

    This is a very good profession and with so many Boomers approaching old
    age, and all with some sickness, the medical professions, especially
    pharmacists are assured lots of work.

  11. DaFawky Says:

    Why are pharmacists always really hot looking women?? like without fail,
    every pharmacy I go to whether it’s cvs or wall greens or even at walmart,
    most of the pharmacists are very attractive women.

  12. Lacoste Italy Says:

    @bomberfun1 agree with you

  13. De Dae Says:

    Engineering or pharmacy hmm???

  14. Patel Gokul Says:

    people you really need to know that i am an indian pharmacist and goverment
    is not allowing me to do practise i am agree with that and can understand
    but if they are not accepting my degree than how can THEY ALLOW THE DRUGS
    thing if you are not considering the degree than how can you consider the
    work done by that degree holders??

  15. bettyboopz100 Says:

    its true ,that you almost forgot to take your brake because we love what we
    are, maybe its the passion to our choosen career.evrything that
    you’ve said is actually right indeed.i’ve been practicing my prof.for
    almost 13 years with a big smile on my face .being able to connect with
    people who are in need of our service.its great

  16. StrawberryGirlKairi Says:

    Yes!!! I keep thinking to myself… Since I’m still pretty clueless on what
    career to choose I thought about pharmacist but then I was like “Wouldn’t
    that mean I have to try and read the chinese that doctor’s call

  17. BigHashTouraj Says:

    @alexstud73 I’m not a pharmacists. sorry for having a personality

  18. Wididy Says:

    6 years yup i’m doing this next year so sick

  19. jscarter0110 Says:

    Dr. Kate…..will you marry me?? 🙂

  20. Dan Kellner Says:

    @Terdmissle9 Anyone who goes into this field is a fucking idiot. Flat out.
    Horrible, horrible profession. Go into dentistry.

  21. Jon Feil Says:

    @khashayar44 Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry are within the pharmacy
    curriculum at 98% of universities that provide Pharm.D degrees.
    Sooo….yeah…everything you just said was a waste.

  22. bellacnella18 Says:

    i am considering going to pharmacy school, i just dont know how i am going
    to pay for that…i already have a bs in biology…

  23. Mike Dufort Says:

    @DKHOLLA469 Dentists = highest suicide rate of any profession. No thanks!
    Plus, they never get laid. I went to a couple dental school parties while I
    was @ Pharm. school… the chicks are pretty frightening for the most part.

  24. john smith Says:


  25. eurofoti Says:

    DONT CONSIDER PHARMACY! Check out my website when you google “Prick
    Pharmacy” and see all the stories of ballbreakers, shit shopgirls etc.
    Don’t be disillusioned by these crap info videos. If I had another shot in
    life, i would NOT be doing pharmacy.

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