Resume Services Provider – The Pros and The Cons

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July 15, 2011

Resume Services Provider – The Pros and The Cons

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Resume Services Provider – The Pros and The Cons

Article by Julie Ann Ross


Resume services do have their pros and cons. Although everything has its advantages and disadvantages, resume services can help distinguish you from other applicants applying for the same job. Since the job market is a little crowded right now, every little advantage you can get puts you that much closer to finding your next job.

A resume services provider can help you stand out of the crowd. For example, a resume service professional will make sure your best information comes out. If you have not always been the best at pressing your censor button, or you are great at inserting your foot in mouth, your resume services pro can help you filter out useless, or embarrassing, information in order to ensure the best gets out.

There are numerous resume horror stories on the Internet, but one we liked was the resume that came in with the career objective, “Objective: To obtain a position within an organization in which both my fashion and administrative experience can be of great detriment.” (See, that’s the sort of thing that a resume services pro helps you avoid. For one thing, they know the difference between detriment and benefit.)

Because we are not all born writers, resume services providers can make sure everything is being done correctly. Everything will be spelled right, your resume will have correct grammar and punctuation, and they will even be able to use the most effective language in highlighting your experiences.

With a resume, everything needs to be done in a certain way, and done correctly. A resume services provider will also know the latest proven resume writing techniques.. They keep up with the latest trends and developments, which means you don’t have to spend hours researching this on your own and then wasting valuable opportunities seeing if your new ideas worked on your latest application.

Another great advantage of using a resume services pro is they know the right things to say to make you stand out. Since Human Resources departments are doing all the hiring, it is obvious that they are looking for something in particular, which they find by using specific keywords. The more keywords are used properly in your resume, the more likely it will make the initial cut. Resume services providers will make sure all those key words HR professionals are looking for are there.

Although the pros are definitely greater than the cons, there are a few disadvantages to using a resume service provider.

If you are a college student, resume services can seem expensive or over budget for your job hunt. While that may be true in the short run, you will more than make it up in the long run. Much like your college degree, investing the dollars ahead of time will ensure a greater payoff later. Think of it like your college degree: you attended and paid for college to guarantee a successful and lucrative career. Hiring a professional resume writer can boost you into that better job right off the bat, which will give you a head start up your career ladder, resulting in a promising career.

One word of caution: if you are looking for a more experienced position or are looking for a very specialized job, some resume services providers might not have the experience or know-how you need for this particular job hunt. So don’t just hire the first resume writer you find. Interview the person into whose hands you’re putting your career. Do they have the experience to put together a resume suitable for your position or career stage? Do they have the knowledge to write about your experiences intelligently? Be sure you talk to a resume services pro about any special information you think needs to be on your resume, but take their advice when they say you might not.

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