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July 13, 2011

Resume Writing Tips for Business

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Resume Writing Tips for Business

Article by Jennie Gandhi


Business resume writing is completely different from other resumes but still the basic format and the structure remains the same. Like other resume, even this type of resume is a reflection of an individual’s skills, talents, and interpersonal skills.

The major consideration when writing a business resume is who the audience is. Based on the type of audience you can analyze what to write and how to write.

Listed below are some of the excellent tips for resume writing for business:

• As other resumes, business resume also begins with your name and complete contact details.

• Then the objective plays a major role. This statement should be strong enough to reflect your professional characteristics in a convincing manner.

• You can also create a special section to highlight your special skills that are essential for this kind of profile. Some of the key skills required for the same are creativity, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, motivated, dedicated, deep understanding of the financial market, knowledge about finance, analytic problem solving, and good visionary.

• Be succinct and mention all your skills and abilities in bullet points. Don’t overdo bold and italic types; bullets are enough to highlight.

• Keep the formatting of the document simple and easily readable.

• Describe your work experience by listing all your activities with supportive examples. In examples you can list all the problems you faced while performing your duties, what methods you used to solve those issues, and how effectively you were able to resolve them.

• Lay emphasis on your achievements, accomplishments, and special certifications achieved in the context.

• If possible, show quantifiable results of your work. Specific numbers in terms of years of experience, revenue earned, profit gained, issues resolved, leads generated, staff managed, and percentage of productivity are all examples of quantifiable results.

• Chuck out all the information with regards to your skills, education, and your talents that are not co-related to the applied position.

• Emphasize on special qualification like business communication, business administration, and knowledge of foreign language.

• When mentioning the knowledge of foreign language, do mention your level of proficiency.

• You can also give a brief about any of your research, examination, and analysis if done in a relevant field.

• Use keywords that are industry specific but don’t use it excessively. You should be smart enough to analyze which keyword to use, where to use, and how often to use.

• Avoid using slang, harsh, and generic language in your resume.

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