Social Media Careers in the Fashion Industry

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March 18, 2014

Social Media Careers in the Fashion Industry

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Find out what it’s like to work as part of a social media team at a fashion brand with Nicole and Jimmy, social media strategists at Nanette Lepore. Next Epi…
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25 Responses to “Social Media Careers in the Fashion Industry”

  1. carve Says:

    Interested in a #SocialMedia #career in #Fashion? Find out what it’s like

    Social Media Careers in the Fashion Industry

    #NanetteLepore #NYC #Industry #Fawn

  2. IdunaLovesApples Says:

    This dude is soo handsome o.o

  3. Samantha A. Says:


  4. J Marie Says:

    This is honestly what I do right now and have been doing for over a year I
    just do it for myself and don’t get paid

  5. Samantha A. Says:


  6. MsKTMvalley Says:

    @deja Fuck the English major haters. I’m an English major interested in
    journalism too. Read The Onion article titled “Print Dead at 1,803”.
    Hilarious satire!

  7. mboxec Says:

    greetings from ecuador!!!

  8. youngedday Says:

    Thanks for the amazing videos on careers in fashion industry. Can you do a
    video on sales and marketing career? I’d love to watch some tips and inside
    scope of the career. Thanks!

  9. MochaAndMoccasins Says:

    This is the exact job I want!! 🙂

  10. ayyee ashley Says:

    what did i just watch

  11. Saul TP Says:

    Social Media big trends are unknown since they are linked to new
    technologies so let’s keep moving forward… dream big!

  12. MissChiclyUnique Says:

    cool! 🙂

  13. bellspra Says:

    hi, i am fashion communication student , and i really like this channel. i
    am really interested in fashion and social media marketing. i want to
    pursue something of this sort and this helped a lot in clearing my head. it
    would be great if u guys provide us with the link to nicole’s blog. thanks
    a ton and keep those videos coming , we love it.. 😀

  14. Rose Jacqueline Says:

    Would love to do something like this!

  15. Samantha A. Says:

    i follow most of my favorite fashion brands on instagram because i feel
    that’s where you get the most recent trends, and it just feels a lot more
    personal becasue it’s directly from the brand to you. i follow sophia
    amoruso from nasty gal and nicole loher from nanette lapore 😀

  16. Aïsa W. Says:

    Nice video! I’m interested in social media marketing and this provided me
    with some great information 🙂

  17. Softiist Says:

    #inspiration 🙂

  18. MsKTMvalley Says:

    The brands I follow don’t have slutty models and clothes.

  19. cooldesert30 Says:

    Great video!

  20. Libby Hancoxc Says:

    Chanel mac

  21. Elegant Rose Says:

    I follow soo much, I can’t begin. 😀

  22. Jayce Ann Says:

    I follow a lot… Forever21, Topshop, Mango, Jenny Packham and a lot

  23. Devily93 Says:

    Would’ve liked if Nicole had talked more. :s Helpful and interesting video
    tho! 🙂

  24. Beautyclass101 Says:

    i just started my own makeup channel it would be awesome if you please
    check it out

  25. Karen Agustin Says:


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