Starting a Real Estate Career : Why Be a Realtor?

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May 27, 2011

Starting a Real Estate Career : Why Be a Realtor?

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To be a Realtor, you need a basic educational background and a desire to help people. Learn about the benefits of in this free reality video about becoming a real estate agent. Expert: Shelly Davis Contact: Bio: Shelly Davis is a licensed real estate agent in Austin, Texas who has extensive experience in all phases of the home selling process. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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7 Responses to “Starting a Real Estate Career : Why Be a Realtor?”

  1. hbloch1 Says:

    Toll Brothers Luxury Housing………..Go to Youtube………..Looking for Schmucks

  2. jvolstad Says:

    Yes, it is very basic opening doors to foreclosed houses.

  3. Madawg65 Says:

    I want to be an agent…whats the best training in Washington..I live in Kent Washington

  4. youdrivethesuccess Says:

    Now is a great time to get into real estate since so many people are getting out! 🙂 If you have a solid training program, you can thrive in any market.

  5. CATBAZWN Says:

    can you speak louder thank you

  6. fireman12888 Says:

    @jvolstad Lol wtf

  7. jvolstad Says:

    I guess being a Realtor is better then flipping burgers.

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