The 5 Secrets to Having a Successful Teaching Career

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May 16, 2011

The 5 Secrets to Having a Successful Teaching Career

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The 5 Secrets to Having a Successful Teaching Career

Article by Jennifer Dobson

Teaching is a profession unlike any other. It is a way of life, a passion and a calling. Teachers do not just teach in a classroom, they are teachers everywhere. Every child is a student and every opportunity is a teachable moment. Unlock the Five Secrets to a Successful Teaching Career below and prepare for a rewarding experience.

Be Resourceful

Teaching requires a great deal of thinking outside the box. Being resourceful means that a teacher is constantly searching to find new ways of teaching students and supplying her classroom with the materials she needs. A resourceful teacher is not afraid to try innovative lessons to reach her students and make learning fun. By being resourceful a teacher keeps her classroom well stocked and her students engaged which are two key components to a long, happy career.

Be Adaptable

Sometimes the hardest, but most effective thing a teacher can do is to be adaptable. It requires a great deal of self-confidence to change direction of a lesson or project mid-stream. When a teacher takes her own plans out of the equation and really looks at what is best for her students, she is adapting to the most important component of her job – the children. Adapting lessons for whatever reason, whether it is for a student with a disability, a slow learner or an ESL student, takes more work than not adapting them. However, success in teaching is not measured by a paycheck, but by the amount of learning that takes place. Being adaptable will make any teacher a better educator with students who will be the richer for her efforts.

Find Balance

It is easy to slip into 24-hour/7-day-a-week teacher mode. Lesson plans always need to be done, papers to grade will always be piled high and forms will always need to be completed. If allowed, teaching can take over an educator’s life. It is critical to a long-term successful teaching career, that balance between work and life is found. Set designated time to complete the paperwork that needs to be finished and when that time is over stop working! Reading a frivolous book, listening to music or going for a walk will help keep life balanced. If a teacher is unable to find balance, her career will be short-lived.

Continue Learning

Most states require a teacher to continue her education beyond a bachelor’s degree. While it may be an essential part of maintaining a teaching license, it is also a great way to stay fresh and current with new teaching methods and ideas. Teaching is not a stagnant profession. Even though many approaches and practices are traditionally based, there are always new things to learn. The cost of continuing education is always a factor, so be resourceful and seek out community colleges and other places that provide continuing education credits for teachers.

Have Fun

One of the best parts about working with children is that it is fun. Laughter and smiles are a daily part of any teacher’s routine. Students love seeing their teacher in a funny wig or with a bright scarf wrapped around her neck. Enjoy teaching! Do not be afraid to be colorful both in dress and personality. The more fun had, the longer and more successful a teaching career will be.

Teaching is a calling. Enjoy the fact that it is one that is available and attainable. Embrace the challenges and the rewards with equal fervor knowing that a child’s life will be forever changed. Use the Five Secrets to a Successful Teaching Career to guide the journey and encourage along the way.

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