Tips On Fine Tuning A CV Cover Letter

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July 25, 2011

Tips On Fine Tuning A CV Cover Letter

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Tips On Fine Tuning A CV Cover Letter


A CV cover letter is primarily meant to complement your CV. Usually, a CV is restricted to academics, but a cover letter is meant to highlight the much needed aspects about your personality and speak loads about you straight away. Every time you apply for a new job and send a CV, you have to make a different covering letter to complement it and also fine tune the contents for the company and the job you would be applying for.

Cover letter makes your CV shine

All your past accomplishments that could have a direct bearing on the job requirement should be included in the CV cover letter to make it shine in front of the employer. Many employers have little time and patience to go through the entire CV, but they can minutely study the cover letter if it is interesting and the language is engaging.

If your work has been recognized and you had got kudos for particular accomplishments, the entire information should be included.

If the CV shows the background of your education and research work completed, the cover letter should highlight how to plan and conduct future developments keeping the new set up in mind.

Most colleges and universities receive large amounts in funding for research and also for publications. They would be interested in knowing from you and how you can make a difference and a make a mark in their organization once you join as a faculty member.

Quote references

The hiring manager is always on the lookout for something unique and different that you can provide as a fresh recruit. If you have a record of papers published in the past, then it would be wise to include all the information in the CV cover letter as it would highlight your accomplishments. Quoting references are great and they come in handy when your application is being assessed.

The CV cover letter will be a reference tool to your CV and complement whatever is contained in it. The best references should be included in the letter and if you have been feted or awarded for an accomplishment in the past, it should not be left out.

Mentioning names of noted professors you have worked under can go a long way in ratcheting up your chances for the job. It would add loads to the credentials of your CV and become a deciding factor for your application.  While fine tuning the closing lines of a cover letter, mention how you want to make a contribution to the new academic environment you plan to join.

The strengths and abilities should come out clearly and make an impact in the minds of the hiring manager. Your letter should exude confidence and be filled with facets of your character that could remain concealed in a resume. The CV cover letter would be the first impression created in the mind of the employer.

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