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April 8, 2014

Top Medical Careers – Health Careers

Filed under: Career — admin @ 6:59 pm Find out what are the hottest medical careers for 2011-2012.
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3 Responses to “Top Medical Careers – Health Careers”

  1. Runeman40055 Says:

    But you must also understand that you must go with what you are passionate
    about, not what has the biggest paycheck

  2. Runeman40055 Says:

    by far a radiologist, which country are you planning to medically qualify
    in? But as far as i know in the USA and UK, radiologists, especially after
    ten or so years can make quite a decent profit

  3. Tareq Afandi Says:

    Question: out of all these 3 careers, who makes the most money?
    Radiologist, Nurse, Respiratory Technician (all with associate degrees)
    Because i really want to become a respiratory therapist but do not know
    what the pay is. Some of my friends are telling me that a nurse makes the
    most but they are accounting majors so i thought how would they know. Just
    thought to ask you guys.

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