Welcome to the World of Careers Related to Social Work

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May 16, 2011

Welcome to the World of Careers Related to Social Work

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Welcome to the World of Careers Related to Social Work

First thing to do when you take a decision to become a social worker is to give a pat on your back. The society needs and respects social workers. Social work is a broad aspect, wherein the details are customized as per the requirements and also as per the government based protocols.

What does a Social Worker Do?

A social worker guides and provides therapy and counseling to people in need. Actually social workers form a link between the less fortunate people and government funds. Education and medical treatment are not only the areas where every government needs to put special attention, but these are a social worker’s key area of focus. Handling child abuse cases, nursery teaching, ‘one on one’ counseling and other types of rehabilitation are some finer aspects of this field.

Who Should Get into the Field of Social Work?

People with a strong desire to help citizens and improve their living conditions would be better at social work.

Education and Other Requirements

After passing out of a high school, you can apply for a bachelor’s degree in your pursuit of better social welfare. A better hand at legal activities will always help a social worker in his or her day to day activities. As a social worker, you can also align yourself with government research and projects. Teaching is also an aspect where social workers can excel.

Career Scope

Social workers are hired by government agencies, public welfare groups, social service institutions and even rehabilitation centers. More than monetary benefits, it is the satisfaction quotient which makes this profession worthwhile. You can also work part-time as a social worker.

It is a myth that outgoing people are better at being social workers, rather most noted social workers happen to be reserved people who open up while helping other people. Another myth associated with the field of social work is that it is a career for the middle aged. Instead, the world is seeing a change, wherein more and more youngsters are aware of their duties towards the society.

Lastly, some organizations require volunteers for social work. There aren’t any fixed criteria of education while volunteering.

The life of a social worker intermingles with many other careers , but social welfare will always be the primary motto of this profession. If you want to learn more about requirements, legalizations, and other aspects about social work , please check the career medium at stateuniversity.com .

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