What Is Graphic Design? | Graphic Design

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February 21, 2014

What Is Graphic Design? | Graphic Design

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14 Responses to “What Is Graphic Design? | Graphic Design”

  1. Roberto Blake Says:

    Graphic Design in its simplest form is visual problem solving. It doesn’t
    matter which visual medium, print, web , mobile or video. Typography, Color
    Theory and Layout are just methods of addressing the problem you want to

    The problem usually is one of “how to communicate and idea or concept”.
    Visual communication is typically universal, which is why it was the first
    form of “writing” in ancient times through iconography.

    Design has intent and purpose, Art is Expressive. We combine these thing in
    Visual communication or Graphic Design. We use visual art in combination
    with design principles to communicate information and stimulate the ideas
    or feelings we want people to associate with something.

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