Work Permit Immigration – Three of the Best Choices Available!

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June 8, 2011

Work Permit Immigration – Three of the Best Choices Available!

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Work Permit Immigration – Three of the Best Choices Available!

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Temporary Work Permit Immigration

By far, the most common way that foreign born individuals start living in South Africa on a long term basis is through work permit immigration. Those holding a temporary work permit are allowed to live and work within the borders of South Africa. Temporary work permits are also called work visas. These documents give foreigners permission from the government to work only for the company specified on the permit. Foreigners with temporary permits must keep an eye on the calendar as it will expire after the allotted time period. Filing for an extension is the only way to stay in the country legally after the original expiration date of the work permit. Temporary work permit immigration is a wonderful way to begin the long process of qualifying for permanent residency or even citizenship. People who enter the country with these types of permits are able to get their affairs in order and settle in to life in South Africa long before their final paperwork is approved.

Permanent Resident Work Permit Immigration

If you have applied for and received permanent residency status you will never have to be concerned with renewing a work permit again! If you have long term financial goals that include living in South Africa then permanent residency work permit immigration is the way to go. Examples of people that would benefit from this type of permit are those who intend to start a business, retire, or just make a better life for themselves and their families in South Africa. If you wish to apply for work permit immigration, you have to already have a job along with a signed contract to prove it. The application must be fully filled out without any errors as this will slow down the approval process. All supporting documents must be attached such as a full set of fingerprints, a marriage certificate, as well as parental consent if the intended immigrant is a minor. Foreigners holding permanent residency permits have almost as many rights as citizens do. The main difference between citizens and permanent residents is that you must be a citizen in order to vote. Permanent residents have all of the other freedoms, responsibilities, and civil rights as citizens do. Work Permit Immigration – Become a Citizen

It takes a long time to become a citizen of South Africa but it is a process that is very much worth all of the effort that is required! As a citizen you will experience all of the same rights and benefits that those born in South Africa do. Perhaps the best benefit is that you will have a say in the policies put in place in local and national government by way of exercising your new found right to vote.

When moving to South Africa, work permit immigration is an ideal choice. If you have experience and training in a field of work that is needed in South Africa work permit immigration will provide you and your family with a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to be – South Africa!

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