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May 3, 2011

Writing an Acceptance Letter

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Writing an Acceptance Letter


Acceptance letter is a business letter that serves as a professional response of job acceptance or an employment offer. It also caters to any kind of acceptance to an invitation or a request. For the job market it really plays a significant role as it helps reinforce the professional approach of an individual.

The most important function of this type of letter is to accept the job offer in written. Through the words and format it portrays the intention and professional conduct of the individual. It is very important to be cautious and alert while writing the acceptance letter as it will leave a direct impact on the job to be done in future.

The acceptance letter should be upbeat and professional. To ensure a well-prepared letter it is important to follow a standard business format without the use of fancy fonts and unprofessional structure. The name of the recipient should be clearly mentioned with an eye to all detail including the full name and complete address.

Then the body should be concise and to the point. A short and succinct letter has a pleasant feel and tone. Corporate people don’t have much time to spend reading the received letter so they prefer a letter that is short with clear intention. There should high-end words that are difficult to read and understand.

The letter should also reiterate what was offered in terms of job responsibilities, salary package, and the date of joining. Every small detail should be verified again through the acceptance letter. Any kind of change or terms should also be explained clearly through the written application to ensure smooth operation.

After all is done it is very important to proofread the letter twice or thrice and make the required changes in terms of language, grammar, and statements. A letter with even the smallest error can tarnish the impression of an individual and leave a bad impact.

Once the proofreading is done, close the acceptance letter by thanking the recipient. Sign at the end and show true appreciation.

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